Biden Puts Up Fists to Young Girl’s Face, Grabs Her Hand and Doesn’t Let Go for Almost an Entire Minute

This is strange.

President Joe Biden held a handshake with a young woman for nearly an entire minute in the aftermath of his speech Tuesday at a pro-abortion rally.

Biden touted his party’s support for codifying the former court precedent of Roe v. Wade in the speech, which took place at Howard Theatre in Washington.

After the speech, Biden greeted members of his audience.

The president touched the woman’s face, in an interaction colored with his permissive understanding of personal space.

The woman smiled and nodded as Biden held her hand in an enduring grip, perhaps unsure of how to react to what may be the longest handshake in world history.


Biden then appeared to engage in similar behavior just moments later in a subsequent meet-and-greet with another woman.

Biden first held a handshake with the woman longer than normal, then kept his hand on her shoulder for over half a minute, again interacting and shaking hands with other attendees at the rally without letting go of his de facto captive.

Is Biden reverting to his pre-2020 standard of behavior, in which he regularly touched and straddled girls and women he’s unrelated to as if it were completely normal and acceptable?

The president gave unsolicited relationship advice to a teenage girl during a political appearance at a Southern California college last week.

The touchy-feely Democrat dialed back on his tendency to get close to strangers — at times young women — after backlash during the 2020 campaign, even apologizing for his behavior and chalking it up to changing interpersonal norms.

The 79-year-old president is the oldest executive in American history.

The White House is reportedly planning a subdued 80th birthday party for the career politician, aware of the optics of Biden’s advanced age, according to Politico.

Biden’s approval ratings have plummeted below 40 percent as Democrats are expected to sustain serious losses in the November midterms.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.