Biden Posts Gloating Video Signing 65 Bills – There’s One Glaring Problem

Garçon, I would like a fact-check with this slice of propaganda please.

And not even a big, juicy fat check. Even a “missing context” ruling would do this cringe-worthy Twitter video some justice.

First, the video, wherein President Joe Biden gloats about how fast he can work and how much he’s working for the American people:

“At the end of a historic, productive session of Congress full of bipartisan results, I still have a few bills left to sign,” Biden tweeted from the official Twitter account of the president.

It’s not clear what “productive” results, he’s referring to, but that might actually be the least egregious part of the Twitter video.

“Take a guess how long it took me to sign a stack of 65 of them,” the tweet noted.

The video then speeds through Biden sitting at his desk, trying to get through those 65 bills. He does eventually accomplish that Herculean task, and in just 10 minutes and 41 seconds to boot!

The video then ends with white text emblazoned on the imagery, reading “President Biden. Gets It Done. For Working Families.”

And to be fair to Biden, he does appear to “get it done,” in under 11 minutes no less. But the “for working families” bit? That’s going to have to get fact-checked.

A glance at the most recent batch of bills signed by Biden shows that of those 65 bills he signed, virtually none of them actually do anything for working families. That’s a pretty glaring problem for a video whose entire point was basically to scream “Look at how fast Biden works for families!”

US HB3285, one of the 65 bills that Biden signed, is called the “21st Century President Act.” This bill has the incredible responsibility of modernizing “terms relating to the president the spouse of a president.”

“Section 879(b)(1)(A) of title 18, United States Code, is amended by striking ‘the wife of a former President during his lifetime, the widow of a former President until her death or remarriage’ and inserting ‘the spouse of a former President during a former President’s lifetime, the surviving spouse of a former President until the surviving spouse’s death or remarriage,’” the bill reads.

Yes, you read that correctly. One of those incredibly important bills to help “working families” is really about how gendered terms are reflected in the constitution.

US HB681 and HB785? Those two bills are aiming to give permanent resident status for various immigrants.

There are a litany of bills included in those 65 that aim to rename a number of postal offices.

US SB5229 highlights the dire need to remove a bust from the Ole Supreme Court Chamber.

In fact, a deeper dive into all those bills that Biden signed show nary a care for working-class American families. Of the 65 bills he signed, here is how those bills break down:

  • Renaming government buildings (military bases, post offices, etc.): 33 bills
  • Granting citizenship: 2 bills
  • Removing busts: 1 bill
  • Amending gendered terms: 1 bill
  • Studying salt lake ecosystems: 1 bill
  • A wildlife refuge amendment to modify boundaries: 1 bill

That’s a whopping 39 bills out of the 65 Biden signed that really include nothing of benefit for working families.

And the other 26 aren’t exactly slam dunk wins for working families either, but at least they will likely prove some tangible benefits. Elsewhere in Biden’s 65 signed bills is a bill that would establish a Department of Homeland Security Center for Countering Human Trafficking, and numerous bills aimed to make all things involved with Veteran Affairs easier, smoother and better.

Look, at the end of the day, it’s one thing for a president to tout his own accomplishments. Former President Donald Trump was (and is) a master at that.

But to tout your accomplishments in the most disingenuous, half-true and propagandist manner possible?

That can, and should, be called out every time.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.