Biden Mocked for Minuscule Crowd 2 Days After Trump Drew Thousands in the Same State

President Joe Biden was mocked last week for the sparse number of supporters he drew to his campaign speech only days after former President Donald Trump drew thousands to his rally in Pennsylvania — Biden’s home turf.

Despite the spectacle of Biden’s vein-popping, red-faced, fists of fury speeches where he labels MAGA voters as terrorists, he doesn’t seem to be able to fill a venue with supporters.

On Labor Day, for instance, “Scranton Joe” Biden visited West Mifflin, Pennsylvania, to stump for Lt. Gov. John Fetterman and the crowd seemed “pitifully small,” as the Daily Mail noted.

The Mail lit into Biden in its very first sentence setting the “pitiful” scene saying, “A minuscule crowd showed up for one of President Joe Biden’s Labor Day rallies in Pennsylvania Monday.”

“The crowd, which could be described as being in the dozens, gathered outside of the United Steelworkers of America Local Union 2227 hall in West Mifflin, a town southeast of Pittsburgh,” the paper wrote. “While some professional photos from the event concealed just how sparse the crowd was, others showed the paltry number of people who showed up to hear the president’s words.”

Video and photos of the event confirmed the Mail’s dismal assessment of the crowd.

The “minuscule” crowd brought instant mocking, too:

The Pennsylvania speech was not the only Biden event over the last week that struggled to get supporters. The president’s speech in Milwaukee was also sparsely attended, as Benny Johnson noted in his tweet contrasting Biden’s crowd to Trump’s crowd.

One of Biden’s other speeches in Pennsylvania also failed to turn out many supporters:

On the other hand, when Trump visited Wilkes-Barre Township in Pennsylvania on Saturday, Newsweek Magazine noted that Trump drew thousands more than Biden. And Yahoo News had to admit that Trump’s audience quickly surged to maximum capacity at the 8,000-seat Mohegan Sun Arena where the event was held.

TV station WYOU also pointed out that the parking lot outside Trump’s rally “hit maximum capacity as supporters from across the nation came out to attend a rally hosted by Donald Trump the 45th president of the United States.”


Granted this is no scientific comparison, but the fact that Trump, who has been out of office for two years already, drew many times more supporters than Biden is incredible. Especially considering the fact that the woke news media have spent most of the last decade in a desperate attempt to destroy the man.

Finally, the irony here is delicious. You may recall how the left-wing media went wild to attack Trump for supposedly having a small crowd at his 2017 inauguration? Now, you’ll notice how quiet the media is over the crowd sizes at the speeches in Pennsylvania over the last few days.

You can bet that if Biden had a sea of thousands of supporters, but Trump only had a few hundred — or dozens — the media would be making that a prime focus for their coverage.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.