Biden Lands Himself in Hot Water for What He Said to HBCU

Maryland’s Democratic gubernatorial nominee Wes Moore is leading his Republican challenger Dan Cox in polling by something like 30 points. It’s such a commanding lead that no one has even bothered to poll the state in the past couple of weeks.

So why was President Joe Biden campaigning there Monday night?

If I were one of Biden’s handlers, I’d be working hard to get him back into his basement and keep him there — because when he comes out, he invariably says something like he did during the rally for Moore at Bowie State University.

“Look, talking about my historic commitment to HBCU’s that includes $5.8 billion I put in the budget for HBCUs. You know why? HBCU’s don’t have the endowments that others have. But guess what, you’re just as smart, you’re just as bright, you’re just as good as any college in America. And that money, that money is to build laboratories and other things for the future that you need to have access to,” Biden said, according to Fox News.


If there’s anyone out there claiming that HBCU students aren’t “just as smart … just as bright … just as good” as students at other colleges, I don’t know who they are. Biden — you know, the great uniter-in-chief — is the only one I hear this from. Whose position, exactly, is Biden arguing against here?


I wasn’t the only one asking that question, apparently.

“The way this man treats black people — like little children — is so da*n offensive,” conservative author Jason Howerton said, according to Fox. “Why say this about an HBCU? Just as smart as who? What are you trying to say with this nonsense?”

Others on social media asked similar questions … or at least implied them.

If that weren’t enough, Biden appeared during the event to forget the name of the man he was there to promote, Fox noted.

“And, of course, you got that next governor,” Biden said. “What’s his name? Wes … Wes … Wes Moore! The guy’s the real deal, man.”

Ah, yes. The real deal. You know, good ol’ whatshisname. That guy can’t be beat.

As The Western Journal’s readers know, this was hardly Biden’s first gaffe of this nature.

“Biden has had a history of making comments that seemed to patronize Black voters,” Fox reported. “Most infamously, during his 2020 presidential campaign, Biden declared ‘I tell you, if you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t Black.’ During the 2020 primary, Biden told a crowd in Iowa that ‘poor kids are just as bright and talented as White kids.'”

Throughout 2020, I wanted to see candidate Joe Biden come out of his basement, so that American voters could see who he really is. But if I were one of his handlers today, I’d want just the opposite.

Because every time Biden appears in public, that’s what he does — he shows American voters who he really is.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.