Biden Gets Vulgar, Snaps at Ally Over Repeated Discussion About His Age: Report

Does America really want to re-elect a grumpy old man as president?

That’s an honest question. I was surprised that enough Americans voted for candidate Joe Biden in 2020 to make him the Democratic nominee, never mind how many came out to vote for him in the general election.

Yes, I know that there’s dispute over how many actually did so; spare me your emails. But that aside, I was still surprised at the amount of support he got.

I mean, say whatever else you will about the man, it’s hard to argue that he’s not both grumpy and old.

That was confirmed again this week in a article from left-leaning Politico, of all people, which published a quote from Biden “earlier this year” that, so far as I can tell, has never been reported before.

“The president has vented to allies about how often his age is mentioned in the press — ‘You think I don’t know how f***ing old I am?’ he said to one earlier this year,” the outlet wrote Tuesday. “But who knows what the fates have in store for someone who just turned 80 a few weeks ago (Sorry, Mr. President!).”

(Side note: Can you imagine Politico apologizing to former President Donald Trump — or for that matter, Republican Sens. Jim Inhofe or Richard Shelby — after making an age comment like that one? Neither can I.)

If that’s how Biden is speaking to his allies, one can easily imagine how he speaks to or about people with whom he disagrees.


Except one doesn’t have to imagine, because the way Biden speaks to about people with whom he disagrees is a matter of public record.

In this video from 2020, for example, then-candidate Biden fantasizes — after the obligatory misquote and mischaracterization of Trump’s words, of course — about beating up Trump before implying that he considers Trump “the fattest, ugliest S.O.B. in the room.”

Then, of course, there’s the question of whether Biden’s advanced age and declining mental acuity have rendered him mentally unfit to be president.

To be clear, this isn’t just a matter of Democrats having bad policies, conniving leaders or a general lack of awareness, though those are all true, and Republcian opponents looking for a way to attack their president; this is a genuine line of questioning that Democrats and Biden’s handlers seem all too eager to sweep under the rug.

Biden’s gaffes are numerous and onerous, but the scariest thing is that you never have to go back very far to find his newest “most embarrassing moment.”

Take, for instance, the president’s recent stumping for Florida Democratic gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist and Senate candidate Val Demmings.

“Well, if anybody thinking we’re doing it for the first time now in the 20th cent — 21st century — going into the 20s — from the 20th century going into the second quarter of the 21st century, that we’d say 12 years is enough. Do you think 12 years is enough in the, going into 2030, 40, 50? I don’t think so,” Biden said then.

Setting aside how you go from the 20th century into the “second quarter” of the 21st century, Biden’s remarks were in reference to America’s position as a worldwide leader in education. Trying to tout the strength of America’s education system while struggling to string together a coherent system is … something else.

But the president’s most noticeable gaffe during his Florida stumping was his confusion about the death of his son Beau — and that too involved time.

“I lost my son not long ago,” the president said.

“Where he lived in Baghdad, was next to a burn pit. … They burned everything in those burn pits, from oil to human feces to all — everything. Everything. And he breathed that in for a year, and he died.  And more people are coming home with brain cancer, glioblastoma — the death sentence. He made it for 19 months when he got home, but that was it.”

But Beau Biden died in May 2015, six years after his service ended.

Look, a soon-to-be octogenarian struggling to remember the exact circumstances of one of the most tragic things any parent can go through is genuinely sad. If Biden were the elderly owner of a convenience store near your home, you’d pity him, and rightfully so.

But his responsibilities are somewhat more important than running a convenience store. He’s running the greatest country in the world. It’s a job with which a man half Biden’s age would struggle. There’s a reason sitting presidents age in dog years.

If Biden cannot recall simple things, such as the general century he’s in, he and his handlers shouldn’t be running this country.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.