Biden Under Fire for ‘Typical Leftist Hypocrisy’ Over Menu Choice for His First State Dinner

President Joe Biden’s menu choice for his first White House state dinner with a foreign leader has spurred allegations of hypocrisy.

The Biden White House shipped in 200 Maine lobsters in preparation for a Thursday dinner with French President Emmanuel Macron, according to WCSH.

The choice in cuisine comes as the traditional lobster-fishing industry in Maine is under the pressure of new regulations imposed by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, according to WCSH.

The regulations — currently stalled in a federal court battle — would require the fisherman to use less fishing lines, and fish the lobster with newer equipment.

The regulations are intended to protect the endangered right whale from becoming entangled in lobster fishing lines, according to WCSH.

Environmentalist groups favor the new regulations, one of which would reinstate federal fishing restrictions between October and January.

A member of Biden’s own party criticized him for the move.

Rep. Jared Goldman, a Maine Democrat, pointed out that Biden was feasting on the sea creatures all the while his administration imposed harsh regulations on Maine’s fishermen.

One of Biden’s critics pointed to his “lobster-for-me, but not for-thee” move as an example of “typical leftist hypocrisy.”

Sen. Susan Collins of Maine connected the use of Maine lobsters in the dinner to Whole Foods’ ban on the sale of the crustaceans in their markets.

Whole Foods yanked the seafood from its stores this month, citing the industry’s supposed detrimental effect on right whale conservation, according to NPR.

The menu being offered at the state dinner with Macron is beyond extravagant.

One user tweeted, “Can we say #Hypocrisy.”

The Biden administration hasn’t addressed the choice of cuisine in the context of lobster fishing regulations.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.