WATCH: Shock Betrayal Stuns White House, Top Leaker Exposed

Lou Dobbs’ show on Fox News Friday featured retired Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer. The duo talked about the problems the country is facing with leaks, and how the deep state wants nothing more than to stop President Trump.

Shaffer confirmed what we knew all along: “I was told by an FBI insider the other day that one of the guys that has been leaking for sure is their very attorney. One of the FBI attorneys who worked for Comey is one of the leakers.” It was a candid interview that gave us some insight on what needs to be done to stop these leakers.

Dobbs and Shaffer also spoke at length about Attorney General Jeff Sessions coming forward earlier Friday and announcing he would start cracking down on illegal leaks. Sessions told the public there’s a new effort to hunt these people down and to make sure they are “held accountable,” according to Fox News.

The Attorney General went on to explain that it’s nearly impossible for the government to be efficient when they can’t even have private conversations without fear of leaks.  He raised a valid point that every American should try to understand.

This situation is particularly challenging when you consider the way President Trump’s been treated since entering the White House. He’s not received nearly enough respect, has been bad-talked every single day, and yet, continues to fight for the people of this country.

Sessions verified, “We are taking a stand… This culture of leaks must stop.” They’re having a horrible effect on our society, and as Shaffer points out, these leaks are all coming from within government offices.

Shaffer alluded to the idea that if it were up to him, the first thing he would do is start checking out the DoJ. Comey’s inner circle is still there and feverishly working against the president at every turn.

Sessions also revealed that he directed Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and the new FBI Director Christopher Wray to oversee the investigations into these leaks. The goal is to catch the leakers “with their pants down,” so to speak. Once that happens, there is nothing they can do to hide their immoral lies.

Dobbs brought up a fantastic point about special investigations. He pondered why we don’t have a special investigation against Hillary Clinton and her ties to Russia, her emails, the Clinton Foundation, and the obvious corruption that came from both her and former president, Bill Clinton.

Shaffer was then asked why he thinks there is no investigation into Hillary’s situation when it is so evident to anyone that will look that she had apparent ties to Russia. Dobbs then points to the Uranium One Deal that Hillary set up that now requires us to go through Russia to get the necessary Uranium for our nuclear missiles.

It was concluded by Shaffer that they are not looking into Clinton because either they don’t care, or they are in on it as well. He added that he wouldn’t put it past anyone who was involved with the Clintons to be corrupt.

Sometimes has to give here and we deserve answers. Sessions’ plan is going to help bring those leaker’s faces to the light so that they can answer some serious questions about the corruption in Washington.

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