WATCH: Bernie Sanders Just Revealed How Much Progressives Hate Christians. It’s Bad.

In a Senate committee hearing last week, Bernie Sanders mercilessly attacked Russell Vought, Trump’s nominee for deputy director of the Office of Management and Budget.

Bernie accused Russell of “Islamophobia,” and after Russel explained his Christian beliefs with — dare I say — more civility than might be properly due for such an accusation, Bernie concluded by saying that “this nominee is really not someone who this country is supposed to be about.”

You can read the transcript yourself here or watch the video above, but what we witnessed was truly appalling. Christians and conservatives are used to being demonized by the progressive left, but seeing it happen in the United States Senate is chilling.

Why did Bernie specifically attack Vought in the first place? Well, in an article on The Resurgent, Vought had the audacity to defend his alma mater Wheaton College’s decision to terminate an employee who was not upholding the Christian institution’s Statement of Faith.

What Bernie doesn’t seem to recognize is that 83% of Americans define themselves as Christian, in a poll conducted by ABC News. What Bernie is criticizing is mainstream Christian theology, that salvation comes through accepting Christ as Lord and Savior, and that those who do not accept Him are condemned.

If Bernie believes that this belief is antithetical to what this country is supposed to be about,” then does he think the majority of Americans themselves are antithetical to what this country is supposed to be about”? America has been a Christian nation for the majority of its existence, and the majority of its population are Christians, yet believing that Jesus is the only path to salvation is somehow not in line with what America has been about?

More recently, Bernie doubled down on his position in a CNN interview recently, saying:

“In a time when we’re dealing with Islamophobia in this country, we have 1.2 billion people who are Muslim around the world, to have a high ranking member of the U.S. government saying that Islam is a second class religion…seemed unacceptable as a government official.”

Such a comment brings about a number of questions. Is a United States representative responsible for making sure his personal beliefs do not offend all 1.2 billion Muslims across the globe? Since when are all the Muslims in the world a responsibility for the United States? Does that same moral obligation exist for other religions and government representatives? Will Senator Sanders criticize Saudi Arabia for being “Christianophobic”?

Highly unlikely.

Moreover, how is Vought suggesting that Islam is a “second class religion” by virtue of believing that Christianity is true? Vought was being very kind about the whole ordeal.

In his book Love Letter To America, the famed KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov, also known by his alias Tomas Schuman, revealed that one of the most important aspects of subversion to a progressive and eventual communist state was the neutering of religion through subtle criticism and demoralization.

We see that the progressives of today are still following in their predecessors’ footsteps.

Sanders’ comments are being correctly diagnosed as imposing a religious litmus test, discriminating someone against qualifying to any office of the United States due to their personal beliefs. His comments aren’t only bigoted against Christians, they’re explicitly forbidden by the Article VI, Section 3 of the United States Constitution.

In response, the Family Research Council launched a petition for an apology from Bernie Sanders for these comments, with over 50,000 people signing on it just days after it was initiated.

It is unlikely that he will apologize for his remarks.

The anti-Christian sentiments of progressives have been something conservatives have been aware of for a while, but seeing this brash and open display of it in the Senate should be concerning for the future of American politics.