ALERT: Berkeley Antifa Mugshots Released – Now We See Their Faces

The far-Left terrorist group, Antifa, traffics in anonymity by wearing ski masks and black bandanas. However, when they are caught, the whole world gets to see their faces and their politics.

This week, during the riot that greeted conservative commentator Ben Shapiro’s talk at the University of California, Berkeley, several Antifa thugs were arrested. One, Sarah Roark, who was arrested for carrying a banned weapon, is standing next to Hillary Clinton in her Facebook picture.

image via @Chet_Cannon/Twitter

Roark seems to be an avid fan of Clinton, thus adding more to the evidence pile that Antifa is the “street army” of the Democrats.

In typical left-wing style, Roark has countered Shapiro and the university’s call for free speech with a social media posting claiming that Shapiro, an Orthodox Jew, represents fascism and white supremacy.

The Mercury News outlined the facts about the other thugs who were arrested during the talk.

20-year-old Hannah Benjamin of Fremont, California was arrested on suspicion of battery on an officer and carrying a banned weapon.

Kerem Celik, 18, was arrested for disturbing the peace.

Eddy Robinson, 44 of Oakland, California, was arrested on suspicion of carrying a banned weapon.

Michael Paul Sullivan, 29, was also arrested on suspicion of carrying a banned weapon.

Given Antifa’s history, these “banned weapons” likely include knives, wine bottles, bricks, bike locks, and bottles full of urine.

Antifa has always been a violent organization, ever since its founding. Back in the 1920s and 1930s, when Weimar Germany saw pitched battles between supporters of the German Communist Party (KPD) and the National Socialist German Workers’ Party (NSDAP), the KPD created Antifa as its organized street army.

image via @VegasforTrump/Twitter

While many Establishment liberals and even a few Republicans champion Antifa’s history of fighting Nazis, it should be highlighted that not only did Antifa fail to stop the Nazis from coming to power (in fact, communist violence may have driven many middle class Germans into the awaiting arms of the Nazis), but Antifa considers everyone who isn’t a supporter of anarcho-communism a “fascist.”

As the infamous graffiti in Berkeley read: “Liberals get the bullet too.”

By kowtowing to this group, the Establishment runs the risks of creating another left-wing terror group in the mold of the Weather Underground, the Black Panthers, and the Black Liberation Army. It is only a matter of time before an emboldened Antifa claims an American life.

One Antifa thug is Hillary’s pal. Is Antifa the street army for the Dems?

Roark’s story also highlights a very uncomfortable truth that many Democrats do not want to admit. Namely, the party’s radicalization since 2008 means that today’s mainstream Democrats can often be found in the ranks of Antifa.

It is telling that rather than support the far-Left candidate Bernie Sanders, Roark stumped on behalf of the supposedly “moderate” Clinton. Therefore, we, as American patriots, have to recognize that it not a giant leap to go from supporting Hillary Clinton’s globalist agenda to bringing a banned weapon to a free speech event.

The Democrats and the mainstream media bear a lot of responsibility for encouraging the perception that Republicans and Trump supporters are white supremacists. Such rhetoric will only lead to more violence.