ALERT: Benghazi Families Issue Brutal Hillary Demand

The Benghazi terrorist attack that resulted in the deaths of Ambassador Christopher Stevens, Tyrone Woods and Sean Smith was the result of negligence. As details of this story from 2012 continue to emerge, the parents of Woods and Smith have a request.

These parents want to see Hillary Clinton brought to justice over the deaths of their sons, insisting that she should stand trial, according to World Net Daily.

The attack was carried out by a group of  Muslim terrorists. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama seemingly knew that the attack was coming, but did nothing to stop it. In fact, they went on to tell the parents that the death of their children was due to an obscure YouTube video, not negligence.

A case was brought on by Larry Klayman from Freedom Watch on behalf of the parents, Patricia Smith and Charles Woods. The basis of the case was that Clinton not only lied about the attack but went on to defame the families of the victims by accusing them of lying.

The charges included “defamation, false light, and intentional infliction of emotional distress.” Shockingly, the case was dismissed at a lower level, citing the behavior as part of Clinton’s scope of employment, which happened to be secretary of state.

Even with the likely fact that Clinton used her private, unsecured email service to transmit information that eventually led to the deaths of the Americans in Benghazi, Klayman is having to fight for the overturn of the dismissal.

Clinton was previously dismissed on a default judgment by an Obama-appointed judge. The basis for that dismissal was that Clinton was not properly served and therefore could not be brought to court.

Klayman went to Washington in order to fight for Smith and Woods. The parents of the two brave Americans said that the FBI determined that Clinton’s use of the email server was “extremely careless.”

The lawsuit claims that as a result of the carelessness, their children are no longer on this earth. That, if anything, should at least make Clinton want to show remorse for her behavior. Instead, she accused the parents of lying and neglected all responsibility.

The parents also used the grounds that Clinton lied about the cause of the attack. She initially said that a YouTube video showing the Islamic prophet Mohammed getting mocked was what caused the attack. It was later found that this was not the case.

Benghazi parents want to see Hillary Clinton brought to justice over the deaths of their sons. Will they ever see justice?

Klayman laid the groundwork for his argument: “Having used a secret private email server that we now know was used to communicate with Ambassador Christopher Stevens with confidential and classified government information, and which we also now know was likely hacked by hostile adversaries such as Iran, Russia, China and North Korea aligning with terrorist groups, it is clear that Hillary Clinton allegedly negligently and recklessly gave up the classified location of the plaintiffs’ sons…”

One can hope that this is not going to end here. The hunt for the whole truth and eventual conviction of Clinton is, in the eyes of many Americans who see this crime for what it is, a crucial undertaking.

Klayman and many like him are going to continue the fight to get to the bottom of what really happened in Benghazi. At the very least, the parents deserve to hear the truth with their own ears.