WATCH: Ben Stein Just Risked Everything To Warn President Trump

Ben Stein had some interesting things to say about Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into claims that Russia influenced the 2016 election.

Stein said that Mueller has the job “because he wants to kill the political career and maybe take away the freedom of President Trump. He’s not there for any other reason. Nobody takes that job then hires 20 or 30 high-level Democrat prosecutors, unless he’s out to get the president. He’s going to get rid of him eventually.”

It is true that Mueller’s team includes many attorneys who are Democrats. Several of his team’s members have donated to Democratic candidates. This has called the motives of the investigation into question.

Recently, it was reported that President Trump’s legal team is investigating Robert Mueller’s team. The Washington Examiner reported that Trump’s new team is looking into possible conflicts of interest that might indicate that the investigation is be driven by a political motivation.

President Trump’s lawyers intend to examine the political affiliations and work history of Mueller’s team to find any potential conflicts of interests that could discredit the investigation. If such information is found, Trump’s lawyers may be able to build a case for firing the special counsel or having some of his team members recuse themselves.

In a recent interview with The New York Times, the president stated that he believed that there is evidence of a conflict of interest within Mueller’s team. He said he would present that information “at some point.”

The president’s decision to investigate Mueller’s team could be a sign of an impending confrontation between the president and the special counsel. Earlier this week, President Trump expressed his dissatisfaction with the fact that Mueller intends to look into his finances. He is concerned that Mueller is beginning to go beyond his mandate in his investigation — which is something that other special investigators have done.

In order to justify a recusal of a member of Mueller’s team, the president must show that the individuals have a personal or political relationship with the person they are investigating. However, it is unclear whether or not campaign donations would be considered political relationship. Of course, Trump’s team may find other evidence that demonstrates a conflict of interest.

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The president’s concern about Robert Mueller exceeding his mandate is not unfounded. There have been other instances of other special investigators going beyond the issue they were hired to investigate.

Kenneth Starr was originally appointed to investigate President Bill Clinton’s involvement in a land deal in Arkansas. Later, Starr presented evidence of President Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinsky, which had nothing to do with the land deal.

The fact that Mueller’s team seems to be stacked with Democrats should be troubling to the president. While we do not yet know whether there is a conflict of interest on Mueller’s team, it is clear that this is just the beginning of the clash between the Trump administration and Robert Mueller.