Beau Biden Foundation to protect children from abuse under scrutiny

The Delaware-based Beau Biden Foundation for the Protection of Children, a charity that aims to help protect children from experiencing abuse, might sound like a noble cause on paper, but in reality, the organization’s intentions are much different.

According to the New York Post, the Biden-connected charity managed to pull in nearly $4 million in donations in 2020, but according to tax filings, only spent roughly $546,000 of those donations to advance the cause of protecting children. 

One of the large cash infusions — nearly $1.8 million — that the charity received was from the now-defunct Biden Foundation, which shut down in 2020 as then-candidate Joe Biden geared up for his White House run.

Now, many are wondering what happened to the rest of the money and why it wasn’t used to advance the organization’s mission.

Shady nonprofit

Making matters worse, in 2020, the charity, which was originally set up in honor of President Joe Biden’s late son, Beau Biden, spent a total of $932,865.

As is typical with charities connected to slimy politicians, most of the money that year was spent on the six-figure salaries of many of the Biden-connected cronies at the charity, and not on children in dire need of assistance.

For example, former Delaware deputy attorney general under late AG Beau Biden, Patricia Dailey Lewis, was paid a staggering $150,660 in 2020, in addition to a $3,500 “bonus.”

Another Biden crony and veteran Democratic operative, Joshua Alcorn, was paid $131,437 when he worked at the charity.

Embarrassing numbers

Notably, a group called CharityWatch, which keeps track of nonprofits and their spending habits, said that most nonprofits spend 75% of donations on programs related to the charity. In this case, the Biden charity only spent 58%.

“A 58 percent program ratio does not reflect a high level of financial efficiency,” an executive at CharityWatch said.

It should also not come as a surprise that Hunter Biden served on the board of the charity in 2020, along with Biden’s daughter, Ashley, and Beau’s widow, Hallie Biden, who is still on the board to this day.

Many believe that charities like this one should be required, by law, to spend a certain amount on the charity’s mission, and not as much on the salaries of the board members, who are almost always appointed for political favors or due to family connections.