Swedish riots leave more than 100 police officers injured

Breitbart News reports that over 100 Swedish police officers have been injured in the riots that have been taking place in their country.  The riots broke out last week in response to a demonstration that was set to be put on by Danish anti-Islam politician Rasmus Paludan. Paludan had planned to burn the Qur’an, Islam’s […]

Leaked text messages show private confrontation between Elon Musk and Bill Gates

Leaked text messages reveal a confrontation that took place between billionaires Elon Musk and Bill Gates.  There is a lot about the text messages that remains unknown, such as when they are from and who leaked them. However, their authenticity has been verified by Musk himself. The confrontation In the text messages, it appears that […]

Texas sues Biden admin over decision to end Title 42 expulsions

The Biden administration is facing another southern U.S. border-related lawsuit. The Daily Wire reports that the state of Texas has decided to sue the Biden administration over its decision to end Title 42 expulsions.  Title 42 is the Trump-era policy that the federal government has used to expel illegal immigrants during the coronavirus pandemic. The […]

Another potential mass grave discovered in Ukraine, could contain 9,000 bodies

As Russia’s invasion of Ukraine drags into the two-month mark, horrible scenes have unfolded in the war-torn country. According to The Daily Wire, one of those horrific scenes includes what some are describing as a “mass grave” outside the port city of Mariupol which could contain the bodies of some 9,000 Ukrainians. If true, the […]

VP Harris’ chief of staff Tina Flournoy resigns without official explanation

Vice President Kamala Harris’ “toxic” work environment continues to kill off top staffers, with the latest departure involving the most senior member of her staff yet. According to The Daily Wire, this week, Harris lost Tina Flournoy, her chief of staff. While some staff turnover is normal in the first year or two, Flournoy is […]

Jen Psaki claims kindergartners are questioning whether they’re boys or girls

Democrats are sticking with their distorted views on gender, which shouldn’t be an issue, but apparently continues to be. The most recent example of just how bizarre Dems have become on the topic was when White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki explained to CNN’s Chris Wallace that she believes children as young as kindergartners are […]

Biden admin to forgive student loans of 40,000

Democrats often disincentivize fiscal responsibility and diligence. President Joe Biden’s administration takes that terrible tendency to a whole new level with its latest move. The Department of Education announced a program Tuesday that will forgive 40,000 borrowers of their student debt while reducing that amount owed by another 3.6 million, the Daily Caller reported. The […]

Legendary NFL quarterback Daryle Lamonica dead at age 80

The sports world was shocked and saddened to learn this week that legendary NFL quarterback Daryle Lamonica – known far and wide as the “Mad Bomber” – died at age 80, as ESPN.com reports. The death was confirmed by the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office in California, with officials revealing that the famed Raiders standout died […]