Legendary NCAA basketball coach Joe Williams dies at 88 after cancer battle

The NCAA basketball world lost an absolute coaching legend over the weekend. According to Fox News, Joe Williams, who coached Jacksonville University’s men’s basketball team in one of the most popular cinderella stories of March Madness tournament history, died Saturday at the age of 88.  Williams’ son confirmed that his father passed while in hospice […]

Justice Thomas returns to work despite growing ethical concerns from the left

justice thomas

He may have been hospitalized with an infection and heavily attacked by leftists who believe his wife has compromised his seat on the high court, but that didn’t stop Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas from making a fiery comeback upon being released from medical care. According to The Hill, the 73-year-old justice participated remotely in […]

Chris Wallace cites ‘unsustainable’ workplace as reason he left Fox News for CNN

Former Fox News Sunday anchor Chris Wallace shocked viewers in December after abruptly announcing his departure from the right-leaning network, only later to reveal that he had secured a contract at CNN to help build its new CNN+ streaming service. According to Breitbart, in a recent interview with The New York Times, Wallace, after staying […]

Beau Biden Foundation to protect children from abuse under scrutiny

The Delaware-based Beau Biden Foundation for the Protection of Children, a charity that aims to help protect children from experiencing abuse, might sound like a noble cause on paper, but in reality, the organization’s intentions are much different. According to the New York Post, the Biden-connected charity managed to pull in nearly $4 million in […]

Supreme Court sides with Biden admin on limiting unvaxxed troop deployments

The Biden administration scored a temporary victory last week after the Supreme Court weighed in on an ongoing legal battle regarding the deployment of U.S. troops who happen to be unvaccinated against COVID-19. According to Fox News, SCOTUS issued a temporary order that gives a green light to the Pentagon to halt deployments of unvaccinated […]

Actor Keanu Reeves’ movies suddenly vanish in China after he attended pro-Tibet event

Hollywood star actor Keanu Reeves just experienced a fresh round of being canceled, but this time, it didn’t happen within the borders of the United States. According to Breitbart, communist China was apparently outraged after the actor appeared at a virtual concert event hosted by Tibet House U.S., a nonprofit group “funded by the leader […]