BREAKING: Assassination Attempt On Ivanka Just Thwarted  

This story is a prime example of why Christians need to pray for their leaders.

On Thursday, a 52-year old man who was wearing a bulletproof vest and carrying knives tried to gain entry to Trump Tower. He was looking for Ivanka Trump. When detained by the Secret Service, he claimed to be a U.S. senator who wished to discuss Trump’s clothing line. (via New York Daily News)

According to Newsweek, the authorities removed Sixto Adames Benites from the premises. He was then taken to Weill Cornell Medical Center because he was “exhibiting behavior of an emotionally disturbed person.”

When authorities detained Benites, they discovered he was wearing the bulletproof vest. He also had two throwing knives in his possession along with a fake ID. The police arrested Benites and charged him with two counts of criminal possession of a weapon and one count of possession of a forged ID.

Fortunately, Ivanka Trump wasn’t at Trump Tower at the time. She is on a two-day trip in Poland before attending the G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany.

While it is unclear what motivated the actions of Benites — he could have severe psychiatric issues — it is a chilling indicator of our current political climate.

Lately, the most hateful rhetoric and violence have been coming from self-proclaimed leftists. Kathy Griffin’s photo, as well as the rendition of Julius Caesar which depicts the assassination of President Trump, are examples of the left making extreme and violent statements against the president.

This type of rhetoric has fomented rage and animosity, particularly in factions of the left. The violence we see today is motivated by extreme leftists who hate the Trump administration. They have used violence to shut down speeches by conservative speakers on college campuses. Activists have physically attacked participants at pro-Trump rallies. The politically-motivated shooting of Congressman Steve Scalise (R-LA) and others in Alexandria is yet another indicator of the state of our political discourse. The intense political climate in the United States has now become dangerous.

These types of incidents will not cease until our political discourse returns to normalcy. When Americans can disagree without vilifying one another, the violence will decrease. Unfortunately, most of the hateful language has been employed by the establishment media, which regularly reports news stories in a way that is designed to portray conservatives as the villains.

Now, more than ever, we need to be praying for our political leaders — especially the Trump family. Take our poll to stand up and be counted among those praying for them.

The social justice movement also contributes to the level of hostility in our country. Instead of engaging in healthy debate, they simply label their opponents as “bigots” and “fascists” who hate everyone who does not look and think like them. They preach victimhood and oppression while attempting to silence the voices of conservatives. Most of this behavior is taking place on college campuses, but it is also prominent on the internet.

When one considers the nature of our current political discourse, it is not surprising that there has been political violence. As Christians, we need to be the peacekeepers. We must ensure that we are not imitating the extreme rhetoric of the left when addressing people with whom we disagree. Most of all, we need to continue to pray for our country and our leaders.