ALERT: As Antifa Tears Down Statues, This College Puts One Up And People Are Crying

Historical statues have been coming down across the country ever since the Left deemed them too offensive to look at. Now, a new statue is going up in Arizona, and it’s a dream come true for many.

The statue was erected at the North end of Arizona State’s Sun Devil Stadium, according to Fox News. When the figure was revealed, it surprised many — it was a statue of pro-football player turned soldier, Pat Tillman. Many feel that Tillman is, perhaps, the greatest player of all time, and not just for his football skills.

Tillman played football for Arizona State from 1994 to 1997. He eventually moved on to play for the Arizona Cardinals. Tillman had a million dollar contract, but ended up dropping it.

When the horrific terrorist attacks of 9/11 occurred, Tillman knew that he needed to go and defend his country. He left his multimillion dollar contract behind, and was an Army Ranger by 2003.

Tragically, Tillman was killed by friendly fire just one year later. He paid the ultimate price for our country. This hero was willing to fight a group of unstable terrorists instead of staying home in a cozy mansion with millions of dollars.

The current coach of the Sun Devils, Todd Graham, said he makes sure to embrace the spirit of Tillman, and everything he stood for in his life. Graham celebrates Tillman, and the impact he had — not just on the game of football, but on the country.

Now, every wall in the new football complex features a picture of Tillman. He never backed down, and that mentality is something that people need to try to model themselves after. That’s what Graham believes.

There is a photo of Tillman positioned at the end of the tunnel that the football players go down before every game. Fox 10 reports that there will be a new tradition, where players touch the statue before every game.

Graham clarified, “One of the reasons Pat is on every wall is he earned to be on every wall.” Between his impressive football record, and his willingness to leave it all behind for his country, it certainly seems that he earned it.

Arizona State put up a statue of pro-football player turned soldier, Pat Tillman. Do we need more reminders of those who sacrificed and served their country?

The coach continued, “He embodied what we are about. We’re trying to teach guys to win and be a champion in life, and that’s what we’re here to celebrate. That’s what Pat’s life was all about.”

During the ceremony, Tillman’s former teammates were in attendance, as well as several current ASU players, all coming together to watch the unveiling of the statue.  Some of Tillman’s former teammates even had the chance to speak.

Barry Alford summed it up best, “What’s really cool now, is at 43, I can look back to 19, 20 and my mind is able to fully appreciate that I literally was in the presence of somebody who had qualities of greatness inside.”