BREAKING: Arizona Senator Gets Bad News About His Career

Judge Roy Moore proved in Alabama that being a “swamp creature” is no longer a winning strategy. Now, one Arizona Republican is quickly proving that being anti-Trump is an express ticket to Loserville.

By all appearances, Senator Jeff Flake appears to be on track to losing his seat in the Senate. Outsider Kelli Ward, who has received support from President Trump, is currently leading her rival. 

This year, Flake won high praise from the mainstream media for writing his book Conscience of a Conservative, a text dedicated to repudiating “Trumpism.”

Flake’s brand of “conservatism” conserves nothing and, in fact, concedes the high ground to the Democrats.

Pro-Trump Republicans, who increasingly make up the base of the Republican Party, recognize this and are lining up their support behind anti-Establishment candidates.

Ward has also received some coaching from Steven Bannon, the former White House strategist and the current CEO of Breitbart.

Under Bannon’s wing, Ward will pursue the nationalist-populist agenda that won Donald Trump the White House in 2016.

“People are fooling themselves if they think Jeff Flake is anything but a walking dead member of the United State Senate,” said Andy Surabian of the pro-Trump Great America Alliance.

Other pro-Trump advocates have lined up in order to celebrate what appears to be Jeff Flake’s implosion.

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee wrote on Twitter in response to an article about Flake’s unpopularity: “What??? You mean 53 million @realDonaldTrump voters are saying ‘Nananana Nananana Hey Hey Goodbye’ to swamp rats?”

Even worse news for Flake concerns his growing unpopularity with Republican donors, many of whom share the senator’s antagonism to President Trump. Many of these donors worry that Flake is not strong enough to head off Ward, thus bringing in another firebrand like Judge Roy Moore.

President Trump, who is reportedly very angry over the fact that Jared Kushner and Mitch McConnell encouraged him to support Luther Strange, seems to have learned his lesson, and is backing Ward over the “toxic” Flake.

If Ward wins, it will provide further evidence that “Trumpism” is much bigger than President Trump himself. The nationalist-populist brand of the “New Right” has proven to be a winning formula with American voters in the heartland, and no amount of grandstanding about “true conservatism” is going to change that.

The Republican establishment is worried because it sees that its days are numbered. Surely, big changes are on the horizon.

Arizona Senator Jeff Flake on track to lose his seat in the Senate. If your Senator is a RINO, will you vote to reelect?

“This is a populist nationalist conservative revolt. It’s a revolt against the elites in this country. It’s a revolt against the globalists among those elites,” Bannon said in the wake of Moore’s victory in Alabama.

In Bannon’s eyes and in the eyes of millions of MAGA supporters, this movement will not only tackle RINOs like Flake, but will also attack those interested parties who use their money and influence to support globalist causes. These entities include Wall Street and multi-national corporations, both of which have a history of donating money to the Republican Party.

This revolution seeks to take on all comers, whether they be Republicans, globalists, or the Democrats.