Did AOC Incite Violence? Video Shows Brawl, Arrests at Drag Queen Protest She Promoted

Democratic New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is ever ready to call Republicans out for so-called “incitement” of violence.

In November of 2021, she was featured in an ill-considered anime video posted by Arizona GOP Rep. Paul Gosar in which her face was copy-pasted onto a character who was taken down by the hero. She was incensed that Republicans wouldn’t join Democrats in censuring him.

”What I believe is unprecedented is for a member of House leadership of either party to be unable to condemn incitement of violence against a member of this body,” she said. “What is so hard about saying this is wrong?”

A month later, when GOP Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert made a joke about Democrat “squad” Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota which referenced terrorism, she was similarly aghast: “It’s embarrassing that there is any hesitation on this. How can we have different consequences for different kinds of bigotry or incitement?”

None of this “incitement,” mind you, created actual violence. So what’s she going to do now that she not only incited her leftist followers to counter-protest those protesting a Drag Queen Story Hour, but that the counter-protest caused very real violence?

As The Post Millennial notes, AOC supported a call to “protect” an event in the Jackson Heights neighborhood of Queens, New York by sharing a flyer from an Instagram account called “therollinglibrary.”

“Defend Drag Story Hour in NYC! Help protect queer spaces and expression under threat from the far right,” the flyer read.

“the rolling library is a queer-led, queens-based, library-obsessed mutual aid group so yes we will standing [sic] with our comrades to defend Drag Story Hour this Thursday in Jackson Heights!!!!” it read.

“A group of violent loud bigots, who have repeatedly harassed and invaded these events in the city is openly planning to disrupt the next Drag Story Hour, on Thursday, December 29 at Jackson Heights Library in Queens.

“Queer community members and allies will be there to show the fascists they are not welcome, but that kids and drag queens are.“

Now, it’s not as if AOC didn’t know what she was doing here. The last such event was met with a counter-protest by what the Post Millennial identified as antifa groups and scuffles ensued:

Despite that contretemps, AOC still thought advocating for “protection” against drag queen story hour protesters was a wise idea.

Surprise! It wasn’t.

Now, is it to say those protesting the event were all pure in heart and motive? No in italics.

From the New York Post: “[V]ideos showed some protesters arriving while holding a Proud Boys flag and shouting ‘Leave the kids alone!’ at the supporters of the event.

“One clip showed officers leading away a hooded, masked neo-Nazi who gave the middle finger — then gave a Sieg Heil salute while calling for a ‘future for white children.’”

According to the U.K. Daily Mail, the protests are organized by a group calling itself the Guardians of Divinity, which says the Drag Story Hour events “grooms children to accept sexual behavior and preferences at ages they are too young to understand.” While this is indeed accurate, the efficacy of that message is somewhat undermined by the presence of Proud Boys — either of the real or play-acting variety — and people who think the Nazi salute helps their cause.

That being said, drag queen story hours are inherently going to be controversial due to the grooming and propagandizing elements of the events.

Furthermore, these protests could be ably handled by those charged with handling people like this: the police. Instead, AOC and her leftist buddies decided to call in the posse — despite the fact this had resulted in violence in the very recent past.

And, yet again, violence ensued. What a surprise. Don’t expect AOC to call herself out, however — either on Twitter or the House floor.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.