BREAKING: Antifa’s Twisted North Korea Secret Was Just Exposed…

With North Korea threatening the US with nuclear war, the last thing anyone would expect is Americans sympathizing with the hostile dictator.

According to Fox News, two Antifa groups have become so extreme in their resistance to Trump that they’ve actually claimed the US has been “bullying” North Korea. The Antifa group Refuse Fascism states “We should not be comfortable with the largest military power in the world bullying a small, isolated country and terrorizing the people of that entire region….This is a nightmare.”

Since Trump’s inauguration day, Antifa members have made their anger abundantly clear through the use of violence. Setting cars on fire, smashing windows, and attacking Trump supporters have been their typical modus operandi to voice their opinions.

With tensions rising between the US and North Korea, some Antifa groups are siding with Kim Jong-un. They believe he’s the victim of bullying, and his chilling threats against the US are, therefore, understandable and justified.

One article published by Refuse Fascism claims that President Trump seeks to wage war with North Korea as a way of putting “America first”. They point to the US’ previous military actions in middle eastern countries as a “playbook of demonization” where the US makes a country appear evil and uses that image to justify invading and taking over foreign nations.

According to them, the US’ threats and sanctions against North Korea are simply a ploy to eliminate those who believe America shouldn’t exist.

These disturbing claims that North Korea is the victim of bullying willfully ignores the reports of North Korea’s own people that the country is a “living nightmare,” as Reuters reported. In 2014, reports emerged about the terrifying conditions North Koreans were living in and the shocking stories defectors were telling to various members of the UN Security Council.

According to Gary Quinlan, Australia’s UN ambassador, North Korea’s regime was brutally subjugating its own people to remain in power. “The DPRK is in effect a totalitarian state which uses violence and repression against its own citizens to maintain itself and its threatening military apparatus in power. The regime’s atrocities against its own people have created an inherently unstable state.”

Samantha Power, US’ Ambassador to the UN, told a defector’s horrifying story detailing his work at a North Korean prison camp. “Ahn Myong Chul, a former guard at Prison Camp 22, spoke of guards routinely raping prisoners. In one case in which a victim became pregnant and gave birth, the former guard reported, prison officials cooked her baby and fed it to their dogs.”

Most likely, Antifa’s ideological roots are finding fertile ground in Kim Jong-un’s opposition to the US. According to a Facebook statement by Boston Antifa, Antifa firmly believes that America, as it stands, does not have the right to exist.

These anti-capitalist, anti-establishment, anarchists would no doubt see North Korea as the potential ally to overthrow everything they dislike about America. To a domestic terrorist group who sees Donald Trump’s presidency as the rise of fascism, the potential for nuclear war to quell the imperialistic nation may not be all that bad in their minds.

The disturbing sympathy expressed by Antifa members for a rogue nation intent on wielding its newfound nuclear weapons to expand its power is deeply troubling. Perhaps now the Left will begin to see these individuals as the terrorists they truly are.