ALERT: Antifa’s Terrifying “Training Manual” Discovered

Would it shock you to learn that the radical and violent leftist group known as Antifa trains its members in guerrilla warfare and terrorist tactics?

According to The Daily Caller, new information has come out regarding the methods that these agitators use to facilitate their political agenda, and it turns out it’s quite similar to the tactics of many radical left-wing regimes. The document contains information on terrorism, conducting guerrilla operations, violent crime, and even how to conduct executions.

One Antifa organization, called “Redneck Revolt,” is calling for an armed “revolution” against what they perceive as the rise of “fascism” in the United States. They call for an attack on capitalism as well. To achieve such a daunting task, the group is offering a variety of resources to its members, including a training manual which contains sections on how to conduct executions.

They were one of many groups to spring up after the election of Donald Trump and is currently among the largest Antifa organizations operating in the United States. They describe themselves as consisting of mainly “working class and poor people” trying to take meaningful action against “our common enemy: the rich.”

With “military resistance” being one of the founding principles of its organizations, it’s not surprising that the Office of Homeland Security in New Jersey classified Antifa as a domestic terrorist organization.

To no one’s surprise, browsing through their official website reads like a piece of propaganda for the Communist Party, echoing talking points that could have been lifted straight out of Karl Marx’s literature. The evils of capitalism, private property, borders, and many other essential aspects of Western Civilization are condemned on their site.

Things get even more preposterous, as Redneck Revolt equates the US Armed Forces to the Ku Klux Klan as forces that undermine the struggle for freedom for all people. They call the public institutions essential for every nation to function as “systems of control [that] only exist to serve the rich.”

One of the resources they offer on their website is a 36-page booklet on urban guerilla warfare strategies. Horrendously, it advises readers how to conduct sabotage, kidnappings, executions, and the best ways of instilling terror throughout a population.

It’s hard to fathom how the media can be so concerned about white supremacy and the resurrection of far-right neo-Nazi elements when you have far-left Marxist-factions openly advocating the use of violence and terrorism to achieve their aims.

One ANTIFA group has issued a booklet on urban guerilla warfare strategies. Are you concerned about ANTIFA violence? 

In truth, there is a discrepancy between how the far-left and far-right ideologies are treated in our society, with many college campuses hosting professors who are open about their Marxist sympathies. In many ways, it’s perfectly acceptable, if not fashionable, to be a Marxist.

However, if you are a conservative, you are deemed a racist, sexist, and many other unsavory terms. It’s why you see someone like President Trump being compared to Hitler, despite the fact his policies bear no resemblance to the former Nazi leader’s in the slightest.

As Antifa groups are becoming more bold and open about their plans to use violence in the future, we should be extremely careful, both for the sake of our country as well as our personal safety. To them, there is little difference between a conservative and a fascist.