BREAKING: Antifa’s Newest Target Is Absolutely Horrifying

The black-bloc tactics of Alt-Left protesters in Antifa (short for anti-fascist) are causing divisions in the far-Left movement.

The Daily Caller reports on a recent bout of infighting between Antifa protesters on Reddit’s Anarchism sub-forum. Recently, a video surfaced of a masked Antifa protester assaulting a wheelchair-bound disabled veteran. Many people came to the defense of the veteran, yet no Alt-Left protester attempted to stop their comrade from attacking an elderly veteran. 

A police contact of The Daily Caller explains that at least two chargeable offenses are immediately apparent in the video above.

Antifa is a far-Left organization composed of anarchists and communists. The Antifa emblem features two flags–a black flag representing Anarchy, and a red flag representing Communism. The two colors combined represents the oxymoronic ideology of Anarcho-Communism, which can be seen on many of the impromptu riot shields constructed by Antifa combatants.

The video was posted to the Reddit sub-forum Anarchism by a Reddit user advising their fellow anarchists: “Don’t be the guy who bullies an elderly disabled Veteran.”

Many of the anarchist users of the forum were divided on how to respond to “bullies” in the anarchist movement. One user decried the bullying and called on their comrades to do better. “The macho posturing against regular and vulnerable folks is bad, and not just because it makes us look bad. It’s called being mean and a bully… We need to be able to confront the toxic elements in our own groups if we want to be able to confront the world’s scum.”

However, other anarchists on the forum were concerned about being considered undercover fascists if they stand up against the bullies in their ranks. “I’m afraid that if someone were to try and stop the jerk they may get mistaken for an undercover Fascist or agent provocateur,” wrote another user in response.

The concern of agent provocateurs invading the movement was a common trend throughout the forum thread. Many users insinuated that the masked individual who assaulted the Veteran was himself an undercover agent.

Other users attempted to defend the man who attacked the Veteran. One user justified the abuse, claiming that the wheelchair-bound man likely deserved to be assaulted because he was “saying some really vile sh*t.”

“Under what situation would it be ok to beat up an able bodied person but not someone with a disability?” asked one user, attempting to determine when it is acceptable to attack the disabled. “Is it not sporting? Should one also avoid it if they are able bodied but significantly smaller? What if their disability is unlikely to put them at a significant disadvantage?” they questioned.

The extreme violence displayed by Antifa over the weekend in Berkeley is causing division, and not just inside the anarchist movement. It is also causing mainstream Democrats to disavow the movement.

Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguin is no longer supporting Antifa after the violent protests that erupted last Sunday. Breitbart reported that Jesse Arreguin was a member of Antifa affiliate By Any Means Necessary (BAMN) who helped organize the violent protest against conservative speakers at UC-Berkeley.

However, after a weekend of violence, Arreguin is now considering labeling Antifa as a gang, according to KCBS.

Once again, Antifa is proving itself–through its actions and statements–to be a group of thugs and terrorists that has no place in a free society.