JUST IN: Antifa Caught Using Sick Weapon Against Police

According to NBC News, the counter protest against the “Boston Free Speech Rally” was rather peaceful, but before the rally started it was a little heated.

Antifa protesters tried to scare off the so called ‘fascists’ by using a disgustingly effective weapon, The Daily Caller reported. Free Speech demonstrators and law enforcement were attacked with urine from the Antifa members.

Antifa members were filling up bottles with urine and throwing them at officers who were trying to keep the rally peaceful. The situation got so bad, the Boston Police Department sent out a tweet asking protesters to stop attacking the officers.

William Evans, Boston Police Commissioner told the press about the incident later that day. “I’m sorry to report that we did have some bottles thrown at our officers that did have urine in it. A couple of our officers were hit with that. They were hit with a lot of stuff today.”

As disgusting as urine-filled bottles are, it’s not the only stomach-churning weapon Antifa has used in its protests. Chief of Police Michael Marshman reported during the Portland Oregon protests that Antifa members used a variety of nasty projectiles against officers and their political opponents.

Marshman revealed the weapons of choice in a letter to the mayor of Portland. “These objects included urine and feces filled balloons, balloons with unknown chemicals, marbles, bricks and rocks.”

The Charlottesville, Virginia clash between white supremacists and Antifa members saw journalists struck by the urine. Katie Couric reported on her Twitter account, “Two of my producers just got sprayed with urine. Lovely. Hard to keep your cool.”

Antifa members don’t deny their filthy tactics. Their official website, “It’s Going Down,” has an article that reports Antifa members spraying an alleged Nazi with urine. “A self proclaimed national socialist from Berwyn, IL was greeted with a face full of raunchy Antifa piss in front of his apartment.”

The infamous Berkeley Campus riots also had these urine bombs. According to a post by Milo Yiannopoulous on his Facebook page, “guests were sprayed with urine and had bags of feces thrown at them.”

Arizona Central, a news source for Phoenix Arizona, reports that Antifa protesters who arrived to oppose Trump’s speech attacked the officers with water bottles. In response, officers dispersed the hostile crowds by launching gas canisters, flash bangs, and firing rubber bullets at the most aggressive protesters.

While it doesn’t clarify if the water bottles were filled with water or urine, if the officers had been struck with urine-filled bottles, it would’ve more than justified their response, which some liberals claim was unprovoked.

Urine bottles, feces balloons, and who knows what else, further prove the disgusting lows Antifa members are resorting to in order to demonstrate their opposition. These supposed heroes of the liberal agenda need to be called out for their filthy and violent behavior.

At the Boston free speech rally, demonstrators and law enforcement were all attacked with urine from the Antifa members. Shouldn’t that be a felony to do that to a cop?

Knowing officers were attacked with urine at the Boston free speech rally puts Commissioner Evan’s response in a whole new light. He claimed that it was a “great day for the city” and “No one got hurt and no one got killed and we have no significant – at all – property damage to the city.”

Anyone struck by someone else’s urine would undoubtedly be outraged, and rightfully so. However, the Boston PD kept their calm and focused on their duties to protect all of those in attendance–even the ones throwing urine in their face.

Thank goodness for these men and women in blue who serve our country.