ALERT: Antifa Terror Cell Announces Horrifying Plan For America

It appears that some on the hard left are getting more extreme in their methods.

The Daily Caller reported that an armed wing of the hard-left group, Antifa, is building a new cell in Philadelphia. The cell hosts anti-police workshops called “Our Enemies in Blue.” They take their inspiration from convicted murderers and promote violence against law enforcement, as well as stealing property, and armed resistance.

The group intends to spread its ideology through violence — a key element of the hard left. However, it seems this group intends to go farther than other Antifa-affiliated groups have. They actively advocate for the killing of police officers. Naturally, the establishment media have been silent on this threat.

According to The Daily Caller, the cell — which is called the Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement (RAM) is receiving support from various Antifa websites. These sites urge their followers to donate funds to create the cell in Philadelphia. On their website, the organization claims that “mosques are being ruthlessly bombed,” and that “LGBTQ are being battered.”

The group idolizes domestic terrorists like the Black Panthers. On their website, they express admiration for people like Russell Shoats, who murdered a police officer in 1970. The Black Panthers have been known for the militant approach to racial equality.

Their website states that they intend to further their objectives by using our political system as well as “militant actions.” They state,

“These two components are the preconditions for the expansion of the Abolitionist struggle. The formation of political bodies capable of maintaining cohesion and expansion is paramount, as is the realization that militant actions must be prepared concurrently with and be supplementary to larger political aims.”

Their website also says that the group plans to further their goals by “expropriating property” — which is a fancy way of saying that they will steal land and property from others. They also state their willingness to use violence in “self defense,” although their idea of self-defense seems to involve launching attacks on those who they perceive to be a threat. Additionally, the group wishes to abolish gender.

RAM seems to believe that they are part of a revolution that will free the oppressed and build a better society. They liken themselves to such revolutionary figures like John Brown and Nat Turner. They believe they are standing against the same type of oppression as these historical figures.

A new ANTIFA cell calls for violence against police officers. Should they be prosecuted for criminal conspiracy?

What is troubling is the media’s deafening silence about groups such as these. It seems the press is more than eager to cover white supremacists groups — as they should be — but they are not willing to address extremism on the left. Unfortunately, their silence allows groups like these to grow in numbers while spreading their totalitarian ideology.

Antifa has already been labeled a domestic terrorist group by the state of New Jersey. We have seen their attacks on normal, run-of-mill conservatives while claiming to fight fascism. Make no mistake, this group is not standing against totalitarianism — they are fighting for it.

Politically-motivated violence is wrong no matter who is being attacked. However, the fact that Antifa and others on the left have labeled regular conservatives as bigoted fascist shows that their objective is to silence all who disagree with them. If we want to prevent more deaths like what happened in Charlottesville, Americans who value liberty must be willing to stand up to groups such as these.