BREAKING: Antifa Now Targeting Catholics

If anyone thought that Antifa would be satisfied after all of the Confederate statues were taken down, they were wrong. Nothing is off-limits from the group and their violent tactics once they deem something offensive.

The hateful group has already moved on to target the statue of Catholic Saint Junipero Serra. The Los Angeles statue was defaced with the word “murderer,” the swastika, and red paint on his face and hands, according to Independent Journal Review.

It seems not to matter to Antifa that Saint Junipero Serra was incapable of committing any kind of violent act. He was canonized as a saint in 2015, by Pope Francis. Information on his character and history are widely available, including through the San Francisco Museum.

Saint Junipero Serra was responsible for many major settlements in California. He was a kind and quiet monk, who did not drink or indulge in any kind of pleasures. He was serious and dedicated to those he was responsible for. He did not make enemies or get into arguments.

Activists explained to CBS Los Angeles precisely why they disagree with honoring Saint Junipero Serra. They explained he “used” native people, who should be honored in his stead. One man argued the statue belongs in a museum and said, “We don’t want this violent history to be praised in our community.”

It’s true that the Saint converted many native people during his time in California, but he did so through only peaceful means. The native people who converted did so of their own free will. These activists seem to be treating native people of California’s past as children, incapable of choosing their own religion and beliefs.

While the defacement of the statue seems to imply the saint was violent, or even that he killed someone, the claim isn’t true, as his history displays. The only violence the Saint ever committed was against himself. He had been known to flog himself as a form of penance and as encouragement to confess his sins.

Antifa now appears to be attempting to rewrite Catholic history in this country, trying to imply that the history is only of brutality. They argue that there are no good people in the history books which modern Americans can honor and learn from–at least none who were Christian.

Antifa’s quick pivot from targeting Confederate history to Catholic history proves the group is combing through the nations’ past to target any historical figure they disagree with. America’s youth are taking the brainwashing they received in liberal schools across the country and applying it to any public monument they can find.

President Trump warned that Antifa protesters would move on from toppling and defacing Confederate monuments to act against others, asking when it would stop. Is Antifa’s move against religious monuments moving them into a conflict with religion?

Not everyone is backing up the radical leftist group’s opinion. CBS Los Angeles interviewed many people who disagreed with the defacing of the Saint’s statue. For example, Cristian Mendoza said, “This park is mainly used for taking photos, and it’s a nice park, but it’s not the right place to express your hatred.”

People on social media are also appearing to wake up to the true source of hatred in this country: the radical leftist group that wants to paint everyone who disagrees with them as a violent person–even if that person is a literal saint.