RED ALERT: Antifa Sheds Blood In The Streets – No One Is Safe

A rally for “March Against Marxism” was canceled in the face of threats from Antifa, but it didn’t stop the violence.

Antifa members at the scene of the originally planned march launched their assaults on those few marchers who chose to show up anyway, according to Independent Journal Review. The result was a terrifying attack by the Antifa mob as they assaulted protesters, bystanders, police officers, and journalists in a violent frenzy.

The Martin Luther King, Jr. Civic Center Park in Berkeley, California, was a scene of unbridled violence that the park’s namesake would have found appalling. It started with a proposed “March Against Marxism” rally scheduled to occur in the park on Sunday.

The Antifa group By Any Means Necessary caught wind of the rally and vowed to oppose it, issuing a number of threats to the organizers. Though the rally was canceled and the march never occurred, a few members showed up anyway and were met by the hostile mob of Antifa militants.

According to The Daily Wire, NBC’s Kris Sanchez posted a photo of the Antifa mob on Twitter saying, “A sea of masked protestors dressed in black are holding a banner reading ‘Avenge Charlottesville, protect your community.’ #Berkeley”

The few members of the peaceful march were forced to be escorted away by police to avoid serious harm after the Antifa mob descended upon them. According to a reporter for KCRA, “the left-wing protesters surrounded the small number of right-wing supporters, then shouted at them and pushed them. The right-wing protesters sought protection from police and were escorted away.”

A few individuals who may have been remnant marchers who failed to get away in time–or who were innocent bystanders–were viciously attacked by Antifa members. Even journalists became the targets of hate as they had phones and cameras ripped away from them to chants of “Take his camera! Take his phone!”

Lizzie Johnson, a reporter for the local San Francisco Chronicle said that the Antifa members had become “dangerous and destructive” according to her Twitter post. “Massive militant anarchist showing in Berkeley today. The group is dangerous and destructive.”

Things became so bad that police were forced to throw smoke grenades and tear gas to try and disperse the violence. But the scene was so chaotic that the police were ordered to stand down and eventually retreat as Antifa turned its wrath on the officers and squad cars.

At the time of this article, Berkeley PD has stated they have made 14 arrests so far in connection with the latest Berkeley riot.

It was fortunate that the march had been canceled or the situation could have become a lot worse. What’s unfortunate is that people are becoming afraid to use their right to free speech in the wake of violence expressed by Antifa protesters toward anyone they disagree with.

Though Antifa claims to have opposed the march because of the supposed presence of white supremacists, what’s likely is that they took offense to a protest against Marxism, which has ties to their inherently communist beliefs.

This latest violent demonstration at Berkeley is further proof of what has already become a realized threat to Americans. These Antifa protesters need to be dealt with and acknowledged for what they truly are– domestic terrorists.