Antifa Sees “Bikers for Trump” Arrive, Enraged By What They Quietly Began to Do

The blatant exaggeration of the liberal media has left a sour taste in the mouths of many Trump supporters around the country. When the President planned a rally in Phoenix, Arizona a group of bikers knew what they had to do.

A group called Bikers for Trump Arizona got together on Facebook and decided that they were going to do everything possible to ensure that people could go to the rally unharmed. Due to previously viewed videos of Antifa, the bikers knew it would be an uphill battle as they held their peaceful composure against the violent protesters. Before they went in and started protecting attendees, they decided to gather in a circle and pray for the safety of all the bikers involved. This likely infuriated the Left even further.

The people involved in the Bikers for Trump Arizona group established group rules before they went into the rally. Ground rules seem to be a foreign concept to groups like Antifa, as evidenced by their typical behavior.

Bikers for Trump Arizona’s Facebook post reads, “Our support of President Trump and American values should always be reflected by our actions and conducts.” They appear to pass a more wholesome, and truthful image of Trump supporters, despite the fact that is will likely be ignored by the mainstream media.

In the post, the group stated: “If you are an Arizona member, please be mindful of our policy of integrity, we do not incite or instigate violence, disrespect other groups, or discriminate against others ever.”

Their main goal was to make sure that families attending the Trump rally could do so without being harassed by groups like Antifa. In the past, people have been pepper sprayed, beaten, and left on the ground with serious injuries after Antifa finished acting out their terroristic behavior.

The prayer was important, not just for the bikers, but for every proud American who watched it occur. The purpose of their prayer was to ask for protection for everyone in attendance–even anti-Trump protesters.

The post ended with them stating that they wish that everyone gets to make it home to their families at the end of the day.  There is a reason that the Left hates this type of behavior so much.

The simplest way to explain it is it goes against their narrative. These people have it in their minds that Trump supporters are savages who have no regard for human life. Ironically, they have proven that they are the very thing they swear to hate.

When they see a group of burly bikers praying, the display of peace and faith must be startling to Leftists. What they are seeing contradicts everything they preach about on a daily basis.

Another reason that praying may have upset them is that most Liberals do not like the concept of prayer and God. While Christians look to God as comfort, the “Alt-Left” sees God as a barrier.

If they tried to have a conversation with a Christian instead of threatening to beat them or murder them, the Left might find out that there is much more than meets the eye. It is an admirable thing that Bikers for Trump Arizona did for the supporters earlier this week. If there are more examples like this in the media in the future, progressives will have no choice but to change their narrative and address this situation head-on.