WATCH: Antifa “Secretly” Reveals Their True Identity, But It Was All Caught On Tape

The Antifa, of Anti-Fascist movement, is one that has taken the Left by storm as the rest of the country watches on in shock. An individual released a video that gives new insight to Antifa and confirms ideas about them that have been speculated on in the past.

In the tape, a man fearlessly walks up to a crowd of Antifa members. Some have their face covered; others don’t. They are proudly holding their traditional red and black flag and notice as the man recording starts asking them basic questions. One of the first questions he brings up is what is Antifa.  They confirm with him that “We are leftists, socialists, anarchists with no program.”

The man recording them asks how they can fight Fascism when it is a movement that is essentially seen as dead. One of the men responds and asks if he had seen what happened in Charlottesville.

While it is true that Heather Heyer was murdered in Charlottesville due to a lone nutjob that came to the event, they are still missing the big picture. Without the big picture they will never come to terms with themselves, or the problem they swear to face.

There is no mention of the members of Antifa that were in Charlottesville with weapons and beating Trump supporters, or even people who were just there for the event. It would seem that mentioning the people associated with this Antifa faction would create a paradox of sorts.

Fascism, by definition, is using physical retaliation to shut down opposing political opinions and silence the masses. When you show up to an event with weapons and beat people into submission, that is, in fact, Fascism at its core.

Furthermore, they explain that they are anarchists, communists, and socialists who are against Fascism. This creates another paradox that cannot be explained unless you ignore the meanings of the labels entirely.

Socialism is essentially Communism-lite. In their beliefs, the government should have complete control over everything in their lives.

They want the government to control health care, businesses, income, housing, every single aspect. That is a far cry from the definition of an anarchist.

People who claim to love anarchy want no government at all. They believe that society can function without government intervention and that a nation would be best with no government at all. You have to ask yourselves, how is it possible to believe in both Communism and Anarchism at the same exact time?

The only plausible explanation is that they have no idea what they are talking about. In theory, the two groups should hate each other because they want the complete opposite at the end of the day. Is their final goal to crush Fascism, then battle it out with each other to see if it is all or no government?

Another member of the group confirms how simple minded they actually are. The man recording the video asks them why they wear the masks. One member admits that they like the “aesthetics” of it. In other words, they see the Antifa movement as a trendy social event where they get to dress up in costumes. What they are failing to realize is the authentic damage they are causing to our country by working hard to shut down free speech at every single turn.