ALERT: Antifa Issues Nasty Threat to America – There’s Nowhere to Hide

Despite the praise for Antifa’s opposition of racism, many are unaware of the deeper threats the organization poses.

According to an article written by the Antifa branch “Red Guard Austin,” they’ve outed themselves as opposing the foundations of America. What’s more terrifying is they consider anywhere and “everywhere a battlefield” as they seek to protest through violence.

Though much of the media chooses to focus on Antifa’s opposition to racism, they also oppose capitalism, democracy, both liberals and conservatives, law enforcement and a number of other institutions and ideologies that comprise the United States.

These deep seated hatreds mean that even if Nazism and other forms of racism no longer existed, Antifa would still be on the streets protesting. And their violent protests will be waged anywhere they deem necessary. This is the terrifying reality the Antifa article, “Everywhere a battlefield,” paints with its political rantings.

The “Red Guard Austin” Antifa branch gained media attention when six of their members were arrested for attacking Trump supporters during a peaceful protest in 2016, according to CBS News.

In the article, Antifa criticizes liberals who voice their opinions and try to effect change through peaceful means while they “cling to the fantasy that life is continuing on as usual.” It cites supposed US imperialism as a growing threat that liberals are failing to recognize or address.

They point to rampant drug abuse as evidence of a declining middle class and place the blame on elites and government who use drugs “as a fail-safe against rebellious populations” used to quell potential uprisings as a “narcotic anesthesia when our hearts cry out for guns and liberation.”

They point to the election of President Trump as a result of these same individuals believing he would bring them out of poverty and save them, failing to realize him as the fascist threat Antifa claims he is.

The article claims Antifa’s violent responses are justified as many on the right-wing side of politics–the supposed fascists–have trained themselves for violence through the culture of hunting, gun use, and obsession with physical education. It claims these hobbies and pursuits are meant to create a “martial philosophy” used for a future war to dominate and oppress the Left.

This supposedly justifies Antifa’s need for ‘self-defense’ by building themselves up as a martial community to prevent the future domination of Nazism. “We owe it to the people to become worthy fighters. We owe it to the people of Charlottesville and to our antifascist martyrs.”

Most chilling in the article is the claim by Antifa that the moment they were preparing for, has arrived. “The war is not coming – it is here and now. We must take our historic task seriously. We must accumulate forces and steel them in small-scale street battles.”

They state that any who opposes the use of violence or who chose not to participate in violence will be seen as enemies. “There is no third way, no middle road, and all who refuse to grasp this have in fact chosen a side already – they have chosen the side of business as usual for oppression.”

Their belief is that the war will not be over until they have effectively ended all political opposition. “The world is in chaos, and we must choose either the socialist future or the barbarism of extinction,” they noted. This article clearly reaffirms their endorsement of violence.

This chilling article should be a clear and loud warning to all Americans that Antifa members are not the heroes of liberalism, the champions for minorities, or the allies of socialism. They are a terrorist organization that will not rest until the very roots of America are ripped out of the ground and burned.