BREAKING: Antifa Mugshots Released – Now We See Their Faces

San Francisco erupted in Alt-Left anarchy over the weekend during a series of counter-protests which were scheduled to rebuff the “Patriot Prayer” and “No to Marxism” protests held by concerned conservatives.

Over 4,000 Alt-Left activists took to the streets in Berkeley, California on Sunday to protest the “No to Marxism” rally scheduled for the same day. Black-clad anarchists attending the counter-protest with their faces covered quickly turned violent, forcing police to intervene and arrest 13 activists. Now, according to The Daily Wirethe Berkeley Police Department has released the mugshots and identities of 11 of the 13 activists charged, revealing their faces to the world.

Images via Alameda County Sheriff

The 13 Alt-Left protestors range in age from 20 years old to 47 years old with an average age of 30. Each has been charged with a variety of crimes, ranging from violations of the Berkeley Municipal Code to felony assault, and assault with a deadly weapon. Their identities are as follows:

Seth Vasquez, 25-year-old male from Berkeley

Mark Misohink, 23-year-old male from Berkeley

James Dominic, 23-year-old male from Oakland

Kristopher Wyrick, 39-year-old male from Alpine

Harlan Pankau, 38-year-old male from Jamul

Levi Smith, 32-year-old male from Sparks, NV

Sean Hines, 20-year-old male from Santa Rosa

Brittany Moorman, 26-year-old female from Oakland

Yesenia Mandez, 22-year-old female (unknown city)

Emily Gillespie, 24-year-old female from Berkeley

Sean Dougan, 47-year-old male from Portland, OR

Rachel Moore, 40-year-old female from Oakland

Joshua Phillips, 36-year-old male from Oakland

A handful of the Alt-Left protestors arrested traveled to the San Francisco Bay-area to join in a series of counter-protests that were scheduled over the course of the weekend.

Patriot Prayer, a pro-free speech organization, had scheduled and received a permit to hold an event in Crissy Park on Saturday, but the event was canceled last minute out of fear of left-wing violence, accord to USA Today. Kyle Chapman, one of the organizers of the Patriot Prayer rally, explained, “What you’re seeing here is a perfect example of the systemic oppression people of right-wing thought and ideology have faced within these liberal enclaves.”

Alt-Left activists still descended on Crissy Park to protest the canceled rally. These counter-protests soon swelled in the liberal enclave into a city-wide festival, including drinking, dancing, and music. Organizers even established the supposedly family-friendly “Cutest Lil Counter Protest,” where young children were encouraged to protest against so-called fascists.

Organizers behind the canceled “Patriot Prayer” rally instead held an impromptu press conference in Alamo Square, accompanied by a heavy police presence.

Alt-Left anarchists celebrated their victory over free-speech activists through Saturday evening, only to take a violent turn Sunday morning. Six people were injured by Alt-Left counter-protesters, including two who required hospitalization. An officer was also injured and others were assaulted by thrown objects, including paint.

Berkeley Police quickly identified and arrested the 13 protestors mentioned above. They continue to investigate the violence that erupted in their city over the weekend and are requesting that citizens send them video or photo evidence of violent clashes.

Nobody dons a mask to help others. The Alt-Left protestors arrested were thugs and nothing more.