BREAKING: Antifa Issues Horrifying Trump Threat, It’s Getting Ugly

Antifa has long stated that they oppose President Trump and his supporters, calling them racists and fascists.

According to Newsweek, it seems these protesters are reaching the end of their “patience” with regard to his presidency. An ad in The New York Times stated, “The Nightmare Must End: The TRUMP/PENCE REGIME MUST GO! NOV 4. IT Begins. Be THERE. JOIN WITH THE THOUSANDS.”

Antifa is a movement that has gained prominence in the United States since President Trump’s inauguration. Rallying against what they deem to be a fascist President, they have organized and executed many protests opposing everything from perceived racism to a Ben Shapiro lecture at the University of California at Berkeley.

The Antifa members themselves vary from peaceful protesters spouting hateful rhetoric to black bloc members smashing up business and getting into fights with counter-protesters and police officers.

According to The Independent, the Department of Homeland Security and FBI have both reportedly labeled Antifa as a “domestic terror” group. Confidential intelligence reports reveal that the “anarchist extremists” have attacked law enforcement, government and political institutions, and generally displayed anti-capitalist and anti-establishment views.

This call to action for Nov. 4th reveals that Antifa is growing concerned with their lack of progress and achievement since protests and rioting began in 2016. Organizers of the event say they are planning a massive nationwide protest with the intent to demand President Trump’s administration be removed from the White House.

Antifa members believe President Trump and his administration pose a serious threat to the fate of “humanity,” citing their unwillingness to believe in climate change and other progressive-championed issues. According to Andy Zee, member of the advisory board for Refuse Fascism, “What Trump and his administration are doing could pose an existential threat to humanity. We’re in one of the most perilous moments in history right now.”

The hope is that in addition to angry Antifa members, others with differing ideological views, but a shared hatred of President Trump, will turn out for the event. So far only a thousand or so have signed up to an event page on Facebook saying they’ll go and less than 5,000 expressed an interest without committing.

Some Antifa members are worried about far right-wing counter-protesters disrupting the event with violence. It’s reported that a number of right-wing militias have announced their intentions to appear at the rally held in Austin, Texas.

Coco Das, member of Refuse Fascism, states that Antifa members will not be intimidated by the perceived threats. “We’re not going to back down just because of this. They’re counting on people staying home because of fear.”

While the organizers have maintained that their protests will be ones of peace, it’s impossible for them to guarantee that the more violent members of Antifa won’t show up spoiling for a fight. Considering the numerous instances of violence by Antifa this year alone, it’s hard to imagine they would pass up the opportunity to make an appearance at one of the bigger events organized by Antifa.

Antifa has issued a threat to President Trump. Should they be investigated for threatening the President?

Ultimately it’s unclear what they expect to happen at this event. The protesting of a small percentage of the US population isn’t going to remove the President from the White House. It’s just a visual confirmation that a few members of the US aren’t happy with his presidency — nothing more.

Hopefully, this event will remain peaceful and no harm or violence will result from the Antifa protest. What will be concerning is what happens when they realize their peaceful protests won’t get them their way and President Trump will remain in office.