ALERT: Antifa Issues Terrifying Threat To Americans

Antifa, or anti-fascists, are becoming bolder, brazen, and more terrifying in their “resistance” to anything they deem “fascist.”

These far-left radicals issued a Facebook post with a link to an article about their origins. They stated their terrifying opinion of our country saying, “Despite capitalist and American interests, many are unaware of our movement’s Soviet and Bolshevik ties. This is deemed problematic only to those who still believe America has a right to exist.”

The link is an article in The Epoch Times that discusses Antifa’s origins and disproving it was started to oppose fascism, which the current organization claims is their purpose.

In the beginning, Antifa was founded by the Soviet Union to help establish Communism in Germany. One method was to decry all opposing viewpoints to their political beliefs as fascist.

According to a report released by a German intelligence agency, Antifa’s opposition to “fascism” is a broad term that largely targets capitalism based on their organization’s roots in communism.

Because of this, they hold an extreme opposition to America and its political structure not only because it isn’t communism, but because it promotes capitalism, “They argue that the capitalist state produces fascism, or at least tolerates it. Therefore, anti-fascism is directed not only against actual or supposed right-wing extremists, but also always against the state and its representatives, in particular members of the security authorities.”

The Boston Antifa organization called on its supporters to educate themselves on this knowledge and the organization, according to the post released yesterday. “Democrats, DSA and others who come to our aid in the future, know our history. Thanks to your assistance, Saturday was a tremendous victory for our cause but you need to educate yourself for future events like #Boston Resist.”

Boston Resist refers to an anti-protest against a “free speech” rally in Boston on Saturday, reported NBC News. There, tens of thousands of people showed up to oppose the right-wing demonstrators calling for free speech; among the crowd of thousands were Antifa members.

Thankfully the presence of Antifa members didn’t lead to any violence and the protests were largely peaceful. Boston Police Commissioner William Evans said at a press conference that despite 27 arrests for minor offenses, “No one got hurt and no one got killed and we have no significant – at all – property damage to the city.”

This has not always been the case, as evidenced by the Berkeley campus riot in February, according to Berkeley’s campus news. Early estimates showed over $100,000 in damages once Antifa became involved in opposing Milo Yiannopoulos’s appearance.

According to the school’s chancellor, Nicholas Dirks, protesters like Antifa who threw Molotov cocktails, started fires, attacked police with fireworks, and smashed local businesses, are disrupting American values. “The violence was an attack on our fundamental values, which are maintaining and nurturing open inquiry and an inclusive, civil society – the bedrock of a genuinely democratic nation.”

With roots in a Soviet-era operation to advance Communism into Germany and the West, Antifa is nothing more than a resurgence of the Cold War campaign to topple the United States and the capitalist West. Are these perceived “anarchists” really communist operatives?

CNN reported that Antifa is committed to silencing anyone they consider fascists through whatever means deemed necessary. One leader of the Portland sect said Antifa isn’t afraid to use violence to achieve its goals. “You have to put your body in the way and you have to make it speak in the language that they [alt-right] understand. And sometimes that is violence.”

With their tendency towards violence, roots in communism, fundamental hatred of capitalism, and a belief that America doesn’t have the right to even exist, Antifa won’t be happy until our great country is no more.