ALERT: Antifa Attacks Jail, Raises Flag… America Is Under Siege

Alt-left Antifa rioters took to the streets of downtown Minneapolis in response to the Charlottesville, Virginia protests that resulted in the death of one counter protester.

Antifa launched a protest outside of the Republican Party of Minnesota headquarters in downtown Minneapolis. Protestors marched Northwest, eventually reaching Hennepin County jail. The far left group surrounded the jail while members lowered and burned the Hennepin county flag — raising the Antifa flag in its stead, reports CNS News.

“Protesters gathered outside the Hennepin County Public Safety Facility. I do not know any specifics. I do know at some point the Hennepin County flag was taken down, damaged and the other flag went up,” explained a spokeswoman for the county. “This lasted for under 30 minutes at which time we replaced the flag with a new one.”

“We do not condone the actions taken Monday,” said the spokeswoman, however, she admits that no arrests have been made so far.

The Star Tribune reports that at least 1,000 people joined Antifa to counter-demonstrate against the violence in Charlottesville. Police escorted the group, which extended two blocks in length, as they marched from downtown to the county jail. Protesters blocked light-rail train tracks, forcing a train to reverse course. Police and transit authorities looked on, but could not intervene.

At one point, Antifa protesters burned a faceless effigy of a man in khaki pants, a white dress shirt, and a red tie. The crowds cheered while burning what resembled a scarecrow in conventional business attire, supposedly representing the face of fascist America.

Antifa continues to rise in prominence, and has since the election of President Trump. Convinced that President Trump is a fascist, Antifa protesters descended on Washington to disrupt Donald Trump’s inauguration. The National Review reports that Antifa protesters smashed store windows, burned trash cans and a limousine, and repeatedly clashed with police.

Members of Antifa hurled rocks, pieces of pavement, and bottles full of foul liquids at police on January 20th. At one point, a group of Antifa protestors charged Washington D.C. police in an attempt to smash through a police blockade. Washington blocked the Antifa advance with tear gas and riot shields.

The group ANTIFA has been implicated in many violent incidents. Do they need to be investigated and monitored?

Later, Antifa members arrived at the University of California Berkeley to protest Milo Yiannopoulos, who was planning to discuss free speech. Antifa protesters assaulted supporters of Milo Yiannopoulos, smashed windows, and set a vehicle ablaze.

However, it appears that the protests in Charlottesville are encouraging a renewed interest in Antifa. Antifa counter-protesters arrived at Emancipation park last weekend armed with shields, batons, and pepper spray. Antifa and white supremacist protesters clashed, resulting in the death of Heather Hyer, a 33-year-old counter protestor.

Thousands of Antifa protesters across the country are planning to launch local demonstrations in response to the small group of white supremacists who attended the “Unite the Right” rally in Virginia. An Antifa mob in Durham, North Carolina illegally tore down a Confederate statue. Police monitored the event, but did nothing to stop the mob. Nine were later arrested. It’s clear that tensions are truly coming to a head in America.