ALERT: Antifa Attacks Police, Gets Brutal Justice

In May, Antifa members in Portland, Oregon escalated a peaceful protest into a fiery scene of chaos.

American Lookout reports that one of the Antifa thugs who torched a police car is now being held accountable for his actions. Damion Zachary Feller is being sentenced to five years in jail for tossing a flare into a police cruiser and into a Target store.

According to Oregon Live, the Portland May Day rally started out as a peaceful protest. May 1st is considered International Workers’ Day and sees many workers around the globe protesting working conditions and demanding pay raises. The US has expanded the day to include any and all support for immigrants in the US.

This year the protesters took to the streets with banners and signs to protest Trump and his supposed racism. Protesters opposed his plans for a border wall and the executive order that implemented a travel ban for six countries known to support terrorism.

Police noted that there seemed to be two separate elements to the protest–those wielding signs and props protesting with a microphone, and a growing crowd of black-clad individuals wielding sticks, poles, and homemade shields.

Things turned chaotic after the protesters began a march and some began attacking police by throwing rocks and soda cans. Soon things escalated to dangerous levels as protesters were attacking police with fireworks, road flares, smoke bombs, and even Molotov cocktails.

The police officially declared the matter a riot when protesters started a huge bonfire in one of the intersections. Using flash-bang grenades, the police were able to disperse the crowd and quenched the flames, but things grew worse as officers continued to be attacked, business windows were smashed, and police cars were vandalized.

In addition to attacking stores in a display of anti-capitalism, Antifa thugs also sprayed graffiti on various structures including City Hall. One protester even wrote “Kill Cops” on a Biketown rack.

One of the worst offenders was Feller who hurled flares through the window of a Target store and into a police SUV parked nearby. Police say they identified Feller in a video showing him throwing the flare into the vehicle.

Feller was one of 25 arrested by police during the riots.

Amazingly, the Portland May Day Coalition declared in a Facebook post that “the Portland police chose to violently escalate a peaceful march,” saying they were robbed of their right to protest.

Cop car burning Antifa thug sentenced. Should violence against police be punished more severely?

Yet Portland Police Chief Mike Marshman maintains that the protesters were the ones who took a peaceful protest and turned it to violence. “Unfortunately the actions of the lawbreakers undermined and covered up the message of the law-abiding individuals who worked to peacefully get their message heard on May Day.”

He also said he was “proud of the professionalism” of his officers who “worked to keep the peace in Downtown Portland under very difficult circumstances.”

Perhaps Feller’s sentence will send a clear message to other Antifa protesters that their actions will not be tolerated and they will be held accountable. Thankfully, Portland law enforcement and the judicial system were able to take this violent thug off the streets before he caused serious damage or took someone’s life with his careless acts.