TREASON: Antifa “Armory” Discovered In Shock State – It’s All On Video

Antifa’s power has been spreading throughout the country and has become a growing threat to Americans.

According to Daily Wire, Steven Crowder, a conservative commentator, infiltrated an Antifa group and made a surprising discovery. Antifa members in Utah were planning to commit an act of terrorism at a Ben Shapiro speech.

Steven Crowder released the video of the undercover work and the startling discovery on his Twitter feed. He started off by saying that Antifa is not the “inconsequential group of rabble-rousers,” or in some cases, heroes, the Left portrays them as.

He then told of the “several months” they tracked Antifa members and used undercover workers to infiltrate an Antifa group based out of Utah in an effort to determine how organized and violent these terrorists are.

Crowder explained that one common misconception is that Antifa is a disorganized group acting alone. Yet in reality, they are “actively supported by professors and other Leftists and student organizations.” As an example, he pointed to a few University of Utah faculty who have advocated and supported Antifa publicly.

Leftists and professors “encouraged and emboldened students to disrupt the Ben Shapiro event and create chaos.” Black Lives Matter organizer Lex Scott could be seen inciting students to conflict during the event saying, “People like Ben Shapiro are the most dangerous people on this earth. And we’re going to fight him tomorrow, aren’t we?”

One of the Antifa supporters even admits that Antifa is known for its violence, “The difference between them and other activists groups is the willingness to respond with violence.”

One of Crowder’s reporters, Jared, managed to infiltrate an Antifa group operating in Utah and become a member. He was required to jump through a serious of vetting hoops, meeting with members in person and installing an “encrypted messaging app” on his phone so they could keep tabs on him and avoid detection.

Eventually, Antifa was convinced, and Jared was brought into the loop on the upcoming event they planned to disrupt.

Jared met with an organizer who discussed the “tactics” they planned to use and implement. He advised Jared to purchase a weapon, saying he could “go to the local Military Surplus store” and get his hands on a “Ka-bar, for like thirty – forty bucks.” He even said the pocket knife he just gave the reporter was too small and he would “really have to stab them” to effectively use it if he didn’t upgrade to a better weapon.

The final element of the plan that panicked Jared and convinced him to go to the cops, was when the Antifa member said the plan was to “lure” people to their cars where they would have an armory of, as Crowder described it, “sawed-off shotguns, knives, and shives.”

It turns out the police had also been tracking the same Antifa organizer/recruiter and “were grateful for the footage.” They used the evidence to make arrests and avoid a tragedy from occurring at the event.

What was surprising about this entire story is that when Crowder and his team approached various members of local and national media, they weren’t interested.

Steven Crowder reveals tactics and armory of Antifa group. Is this movement being sufficiently investigated?

Crowder says, “We were delivering a story to local and national news on a silver platter, which included infiltration, violence, and exposing the roots of a domestic national terrorist organization and no one even wanted to give it a glimpse? Not one person? It didn’t even get mentioned!”

The most disturbing part of this entire undercover story is not that Antifa had an armory of weapons they were prepared to use on whoever they deemed fascists (which is unsettling enough), but that the media didn’t care and didn’t want to report on it.

This begs the question that Crowder raised at the end of his video, “The fact that the media has never reported on any of this begs the question. Are they complicit? Is the media complicit with all of this? Or do they just suck at their jobs?”