BREAKING: Anti-Trump Washington Post Officially Calls For Violence

Anti-Trump propaganda is big business, and major news corporations are happy to sow division and drive the nation into civil war to turn a profit.

The Washington Post stands committed to capitalize on the division in our country. Black historian N.D.B. Connolly, from John Hopkins University, wrote a recent article for The Washington Post calling for leftists to riot in the streets and “start throwing rocks.”

The article is written from the perspective that Capitalism is inherently evil and that a popular uprising is the only option to prevent white supremacists from retaining control of our country.

Connolly relied on a rock, paper, scissors metaphor in an attempt to hide his outright calls for violence. The historian explains that “paper” is the social contract between citizens and government. Paper also represents the rights offered by a government to its citizens and government enforcement of contract rights.

“Scissors,” to Connolly, represents the racist institutions that plagued American society from the beginning including the decision to exclude black and native American Indians from citizenship in the Constitution. “Rock,” which breaks scissors, represents rioting, direct action, violence, and mob rule.

“No matter its form, rock breaks scissors,” Connolly writes, “Segregationists have again assumed their pedestals in the Justice Department, the White House, and many other American temples.” He continues, implying that President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions are white supremacists. The solution? Start throwing rocks.

Daniel Greenfield, an award-winning journalist for Front Page Mag, is now calling on the FBI to arrest the millionaire editor Marty Baron for allowing Connolly to pen a piece calling for left-wing violence. Connolly justified his call for violence by demanding revenge for Heather Heyer, who was killed by a white supremacist during the Charlottesville protests.

Greenfield points out that The Post is a multi-million dollar business. The historic paper was hemorrhaging money, reporting losses of $50 million per year, before the election of Trump.

In the lead up to the 2016 election, The Post discovered their niche. Instead of being relied on for informative journalism, they were prepared to be the mainstream opinion leader of the “resistance” against Trump.

Just one month after Trump’s inauguration, The Post changed their tagline to “Democracy dies in darkness.” After eight years of covering up for Obama, The Post is prepared to start reporting on Oval Office scandals once again. If no scandals exist, they will find a single anonymous source to invent one.

The Post’s anti-Trump strategy has proven incredibly successful, and may have saved the dying newspaper. By the end of 2016, The Post saw in increase in page views by 50 percent, alongside a 75 percent boost in subscriptions.

A Washington Post article seems to call for outright rebellion. Is this appropriate rhetoric for a newspaper?

Pushing false narratives of Russian collusion could only hold the attention of The Post’s leftist audience for so long. Eventually, the angry masses demanded more from the paper of the “resistance.”

Now, The Post appears to be moving further away from journalism and into outright rebellion, if Connolly’s words are any indication. The once trusted newspaper appears to support Connolly’s demand for protesters rioting in the streets armed with rocks to fight the supposed neo-Nazis in the Trump administration.