BOOM: Anti-Trump Rosie O’Donnell Humiliated, She Deserved It

Ever since 2016, actress Rosie O’Donnell has made herself into the face and voice of the unhinged #Resistance. Recently though, Rosie’s words have come back to haunt her.

While appearing on Fox News, Marc Lotter, the former spokesmen for Vice President Mike Pence, quipped that, “Who is Rosie O’Donnell to call anyone a liar. She promised the American people to move to Canada if Donald Trump got elected and she’s still here.” 

Lotter’s comments came in response to O’Donnell’s nasty Twitter exchange with House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA).

On Thursday, O’Donnell tweeted to Scalise,”Your life was saved a*****e, do something with it. Find your morality [and] decency. Stop lying about tax cuts to the rich.”

Scalise simply responded to this comment with typical Southern charm: “Bless her heart.”

Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum asked Scalise if he thought he won the argument given that O’Donnell resorted to name-calling and curse words.

Scalise smiled and said,”Let the liberal elites cry because they lost the election.”

All of these events were started by the Republican House’s recent passage of President Trump’s tax reform bill. Scalise and other Republicans have supported the bill by saying that it is designed to help working Americans and small business owners.

Democrats like O’Donnell, however, see the tax bill as a partisan “tax cut” for the wealthiest Americans.

Senator Kamala Harris, who has already been touted as a potential presidential candidate for 2020, tweeted out her disdain for the tax bill by writing: “Retweet if you would *not* benefit from a private jet tax break.”

Conservative twitter users quickly rushed to thrash Harris with one painful truth — the private jet tax break was actually introduced by liberal Democrat Sherrod Brown of Ohio. Brown spent a lot of 2016 as a supporter of Bernie Sanders, thereby indicating that he is certainly on the Democrat Party’s left-wing.

After the tax bill passed in the House, the mainstream media was quick to rush through articles indicating that the GOP legislation is incredibly unpopular with the American electorate. Other organizations have printed stories about how the House bill may not pass in the Senate, even though that body is also controlled by the Republicans.

If the bill does not pass, than it could spell disaster for President Trump, who has claimed that this piece of legislation is integral for his overall agenda. This notion has been seconded by conservative Republicans like Ted Cruz.

While politicians grapple with the ins and outs of a new tax on the American people, celebrities like O’Donnell use their voices to demean and divide a large swath of the American electorate. While this is their right, Republicans and conservatives also have every right to mock O’Donnell and her ilk for their hysterical outbursts.

Lotter is correct about O’Donnell, but his words do not go far enough. After all, several celebrities tweeted about their intentions to relocate to Canada after President Trump’s win. All of these celebrities are still living and working in the United States.

There are more “liars” out there than Rosie.