WATCH: Anti-Trump Jeff Flake Issues Nasty Message to America

Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ), Arizona’s Junior Senator, is on his way out the door to retirement. He recently appeared on The Today Show and was asked a pivotal political question.

After some standard bits of interview conversation, Flake was asked a straightforward question. The host asked him if he would rather have failed presidential nominee Hillary Clinton as president, according to The Washington Examiner. He fumbled, and couldn’t really find his words, but continued to ramble about his book. Mr. Flake was interrupted again with the same question. Again, he stood fumbling and stunned, like a deer in the headlights. He couldn’t answer this simple question. 

After a third attempt at the question, he decided to deflect. Instead of answering the question, he said he didn’t vote for either Hillary Clinton or President Donald Trump.

Sen. Flake then tried to explain his thought process. “I can tell you no president, Democrat or Republican, in recent memory, has exhibited the kind of behavior that this president has,” the Arizona Senator explained.

“I would love to have a Republican president, but not at any cost,” Flake insisted. Still, many were left wondering what exactly Mr. Flake meant by his statement.

One could assume that since Sen. Flake is leaving his position in the Senate, that he would be free to speak plainly about how he feels. Instead, he is still playing the deflection game, a game that really makes the average American uncomfortable.

Some could ask how Mr. Flake was even elected given his trouble answering a simple, fundamental question, such as the one that was asked. One would think that at the end of a term, when one is facing retirement from the political arena, straightforward honesty with those he’s served with would be standard.

Instead, Sen. Flake was unable to confirm whether he would rather have Hillary Clinton in the White House. Mr. Flake did, however, continue to bash the President.

“I hope that more of us will speak out. The longer we wait, the more this kind of behavior and these kind of politics becomes normalized,” Sen. Flake asserted. Mr. Flake never clarified exactly what type of “behavior” and “politics” he was chastising.

As far as most people can tell, President Trump is keeping his campaign promises. Perhaps Sen. Flake means that he doesn’t like that the President is adhering to the will of the American people. If that’s the case, then it may be a good thing that Sen. Flake is retiring from public service.

Sen. Flake was unable to clarify who he would have preferred to win the 2016 General Election. Does it seem like Jeff Flake would prefer Hillary Clinton as president?

Finally, Sen. Flake added another muddied statement, even as he clarified he is not running for re-election.”I can tell you, I’m not happy with the direction we’re going.” Again, he never specified exactly what that means or what direction he would like us to move in as a nation. Some are speculating that he is referring to Hillary Clinton’s view of “progress.”

Moving forward, there will be a significant shift in the Legislative Branch of government. Officials are realizing that President Trump is here to stay, and we need people who are going respect him, respect the position, and most importantly, respect the promises they made to the American people.