Anti-Trump Former Rep. Adam Kinzinger Just Confirmed Our Suspicions by Signing on with CNN Days After Leaving Office

Brace yourself for the most shocking news in modern media history: Former Illinois Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger has signed on with CNN. Can you feel the intensity of my eyes rolling right now?

It didn’t take the anti-Trump Republican more than a few days after retiring from Congress to sign on with a cable news network that essentially only managed to survive in recent years because of its incessant trashing of the former president.

With Kinzinger now on board as a senior political commentator, it’s a perfect union.

The struggling cable network published the not-so-shocking announcement Wednesday on Twitter.

“Join us in welcoming @AdamKinzinger to CNN as a Senior Political Commentator. Welcome to CNN, Adam!” the network tweeted.

Kinzinger, who loves to amp up the dramatics when the cameras are rolling, even occasionally throwing in a healthy dose of tears when the spotlight is on him, will undoubtedly be touted as the network’s token Republican voice, even though many on the Republican side would argue that he’s far from an elephant.

Comedian Tim Young tweeted, “Will you be paying Adam Kinzinger per tear?”


Having Kinzinger on the air will offer viewers the same Republican viewpoint as that of former Wyoming GOP Rep. Liz Cheney, who was drummed out of office primarily due to her strong anti-Trump sentiment.

According to Fox News, Kinzinger made his CNN debut on “Erin Burnett Outfront.” He received a warm welcome from familiar faces, as he was a frequent star anti-Trump guest on the network, especially anytime there were negative headlines about the former president in the news cycle.

“Congressman, we really are thrilled to have you onboard. Welcome,” Burnett said.

“It’s great to be on the team, by the way,” Kinzinger gleefully replied. “Thank you. I’m excited.”

Critics of the former politician, which are many, shredded him and the network across social media, with many noting how CNN signing him came as a shock to absolutely nobody.

“Nobody saw this coming. Nobody,” one Twitter user sarcastically wrote.

CNN is desperate to be relevant again. I would suspect that they also have Liz Cheney on their radar. Remember, Trump is now in the race for 2024. Who better than these two for some unbiased opinions,” another user tweeted.

Another user pointed out CNN’s recent announcement regarding cutting a chunk of its staff and how it must feel for current and former employees to see the network presumably dig deep in its pockets to hire someone with Kinzinger’s credentials.

“Imagine working your tail off as a journalist for CNN (for years, in many cases), getting laid off before Christmastime, and then in January, seeing CNN offer Kinzinger, a hack Illinois politician, a few hundred thou$and annually to be a ‘senior political commentator,'” one Twitter user wrote.

“CNN is desperate and hoping he will spill the goods, therefore making for some salacious material,” another user tweeted.

In recent months, Chris Licht, CNN’s new president, has taken heat from its viewers for several high-profile personnel and programming changes to appeal to a broader audience.

However, it’s difficult to believe that hiring Kinzinger as a senior political commentator will do anything for the company’s perpetually-embarrassing viewership numbers.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.