ALERT: Shocking Anti-Trump Conspiracy Discovered

One can only repeat a lie so many times before it begins to unravel the truth. That is exactly what is happening with regard to the slew of mistruths that have been said about Donald Trump ever since he took office.

It turns out that a top anti-Trump blogger and journalist, who has been propping up allegations against the President, has been found to be using false information. One of their writers wrote anti-Trump “Russia” stories based on a hoaxer who fed them false information, according to The Guardian.

Fake news is everywhere these days, and Americans would do well to remember that the mainstream media doesn’t have a monopoly on it either. Many scandalous allegations made by anti-Trump online writers are based on completely bogus information.

Claude Taylor tweeted fake details of a criminal investigation regarding Trump’s fashion model agency. His “facts” were retweeted by anti-Trump writer and former member of the UK Parliament, Louise Mensch – despite not doing any fact checking at all.

Among the false information were allegations regarding Trump’s fashion model agency being under investigation for possible sex trafficking. It’s remarkable that in their zeal to run Trump’s reputation into the ground, these writers never seem to bother to fact check such scandalous claims.

The hoaxer, who fed the false information, said that she acted out of frustration over Taylor and Mensch’s constant stream of anti-Trump fake news. In a sense, she played a fast one on these writers, and they were exposed for their lack of professional journalism.

“Taylor asked no questions to verify my identity, did no vetting whatsoever, sought no confirmation from a second source – but instead asked leading questions to support his various theories, asking me to verify them,” the anonymous source said in an email.

Taylor had the good sense to apologize for his error and recognize the mistake he made. However, Mensch continues to deny using the bogus information saying that she has her “own sources.”

This incident gives a real inside scoop into how these anti-Trump journalists operate; focusing not on facts, the truth, or checking the validity of their claims. Rather, they start off with an end goal in mind: producing a scandalous hit-piece, and looking for any details that would confirm this – reliable or not.

The hoaxer’s email also revealed how Taylor would push for sensational news, asking, “Is there anything you have heard that’s really going to shock people? An ‘Oh my god!’ sort of thing?” In another message, he asked the hoaxer if she had concrete information about “tangible results like indictments. Are there sealed indictments from grand juries that Schneiderman has convened?”

In the end, these anti-Trump writers have been outplayed and exposed for what they rightly are – information manipulators who are more interested in pushing their agenda than getting to the truth. There is nothing more antithetical to real journalistic integrity than that.

The next time a sensationalist news piece about Trump is published, a reader should remember this story. Keep in mind that the writers conceal what truly happened behind the scenes in developing the next trending hit piece against the President.