BREAKING: Americans Issue Shock Message To Trump, Millions Stunned

President Donald Trump is approaching the anniversary of his first year in the White House. As Election Day passes, many voters are thinking about the ballot decisions they made last year.

A poll developed by Politico and Morning Consult recently looked into how voters felt about their ballot decisions last year. The poll results revealed that 82 percent of the people who supported President Trump last year said that they would do it again this year if they had the chance. This poll is a big deal for many Americans, especially considering the varied approval rating reports advanced by different media outlets.

In contrast, 78 percent of Hillary Clinton voters said that they would pick her again if the chance presented itself. The survey shocked many, considering the left-leaning narratives the media push every day.

The mainstream media is shopping a narrative in which President Trump has a significantly low approval rating, and his supporters overwhelmingly regret their decision. This doesn’t appear to be true. The recent poll, which was conducted by a primarily left-leaning organization, speaks for itself.

President Trump’s first year in office has been far from easy. But it is important to ask whether this is his fault, or the fault of those opposing him.

One of the most discussed topics is the false narrative championed by the Left claiming collusion between President Trump and Russia that skewed the 2016 General Election — despite a complete lack of evidence. Many on the Left are pointing to this unproven statement and suggesting that this is a reason to deny support and impeach the President.

Democrats make this argument consistently but refuse to acknowledge that their party was caught rigging the Primary Election in favor of Hillary Clinton. Politico published an excerpt from former DNC Chairwoman Donna Brazile’s book detailing the election-rigging and devastating mismanagement. These details ruined the narrative of the Left, and they still refuse to admit that it’s true, instead criticizing Brazile.

Clinton offered to provide the DNC relief from the massive debt — over $24 million — racked up by former-President Obama, a debt that brought the organization near bankruptcy. In exchange for this debt relief, Mrs. Clinton wanted full control of the party.

This event occurred approximately one year before the announcement of the DNC nomination. Candidates like Bernie Sanders never stood a chance from day one.

In the end, it is hard to believe polls from organizations that deny this fundamental truth. Further, it is particularly galling when left-leaning groups, who refuse to accept the truth of their own party’s corruption, publish articles saying that President Trump has a historically low approval rating.

A new poll revealed that 82 percent of people that supported Trump last year would do it again this year. Would you support President Trump again?

If the media spends time demonizing President Trump and then asks people what they think about the President based on the biased stories they publish all week, it is predictable that those polled will dislike him.

The fact that this poll came from a left-leaning organization is significant, especially if considering the demographics of those polled. The survey shows that despite everything the American people have been force-fed, support for President Trump is still high. Americans still have confidence in the idea of finally making America great again.