Americans Furious To Learn That Illegal Immigrants Are Getting 100 Percent Of Their…

One of the most expensive parts of becoming an adult is going to college. There are some people who end up spending ten-plus years of their life just paying off their college student loans so they can proudly display their diploma that reflects their achievements.

In Atlanta, Georgia, a left-wing college, Emory University, is offering a new deal for aspiring students that come into the United States illegally. The school wants to pay for illegal immigrants’ financial aid packages, according to Breitbart. Emory does not want to just help the students; they want to pay for 100 percent of their schooling, which, to many Americans, is a dream that will never happen.

Things don’t get much better for international students who use the legal process to come to the United States and go to Emory. These students are still expected to pay 100 percent of their college tuition.

If you want to go to Emory as an immigrant from another country with your proper documentation, you have to pay $70,000. If you come here with no documentation and enter the country unlawfully, you get to go to school for free.

The school’s website features a message that starts, “Emory meets 100% of demonstrated financial need for undergraduate Undocumented Students (with or without DACA) who are admitted as first-year, first-degree-seeking students, and who graduated from a US high school through a combination of grants and scholarships, institutional work study (DACA students only), and institutional loans.”

It concludes, “Undocumented Students without DACA status may receive an institutional loan in place of the typical work study award.” The message here is simple, “No legal citizenship? No problem!”

Megan McRainey, a spokeswoman for Emory, virtue-signaled by claiming that by giving undocumented immigrants free college, they are just promoting the university’s agenda of welcoming students from “diverse backgrounds.” She openly stated, “Emory accepts undocumented students for admission and financial aid, including those under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) program.”

The problem with this argument is she fails to see how this affects all of the other students who attend Emory. The hardworking students, whether US natives or international students with the proper paperwork, are essentially being told to bite the bullet and pay up.

This is going to be particularly interesting considering President Trump’s reversal on DACA. It is now in the hands of Congress to see how our immigration policy is going to change.

Emory University wants to pay for 100 percent of their schooling for illegal immigrants. Does this make you angry?

Emory has made headlines in the past as well. Breitbart reported back in 2016 that students at Emory became offended, scared, and claimed to be “in pain” due to looking at pro-Trump messages written in chalk.

This is the environment on liberal college campuses around the country. There is no denying that there has been a massive ideological shift in the way that the teachers are working with the students. This is affecting education overall.

The real question is this: Why would parents send their students to a $70,000-a-year college if illegal immigrants are going there for free? As this policy cements into reality, one can expect to see a sharp drop in the students who exist in the country, lawfully, attending Emory University.