WATCH: Americans Asked Why We Celebrate July 4th, Their Answers Are Horrifying

Mark Dice, the well-known independent conservative journalist, most recognized for his highly popular Youtube channel, frequently releases videos of himself asking random strangers basic questions about America’s history and politics — often with shocking results.

Recently, he released a video asking Americans on the street why they celebrate Independence Day. Almost no one could answer even the most basic questions about why we celebrate our independence or the circumstanced surrounding America’s founding.

“What Country did we declare independence from to celebrate our Fourth of July,” asked Mark to a man, who said he did not know. He would ask another man the same question, whose partner exclaimed, “California!”

One lady, when asked as to why we celebrate Independence Day, stated: “It’s the day we took over the south.”

When asked to name one person who signed the Declaration of Independence, one lady asked by Mark said she didn’t know and guessed “Abraham Lincoln?”

Many others couldn’t even name even a single founding father of America, and the only person in the entire video who knew why America celebrated Independence Day was a foreigner from Italy who was on vacation!

It’s hard to tell whether one should find these videos hilarious or frightening, but either way, they are far from uncommon. More and more videos, stories, news pieces, and reports are coming out showing how uneducated society has become. It’s become a running gag now, with similar videos popping up about different topics, such as asking Americans about geography.

Modern culture is much to blame, as well as our educational system, and even though Trump’s new Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos strives to change some of these aspects for future generations, the influence will still linger in the current one.

The New York Timesin a piece about the flaws of Common Core, stated “the people who wrote the Common Core standards sold them as a way to improve achievement and reduce the gaps between rich and poor, and black and white. But the promises haven’t come true.”

In an interview with the Business Insider, Madeline Scotto, a 100-year old math teacher who still teaches students at Brooklyn’s St. Ephrem’s School, chastised our modern educational system, and how even teaching a child that “4+4=8” has become unnecessarily complicated.

It’s shocking to think that back in the days of our Founding Fathers, children were taught Greek and Latin from as early as the age of eight and instructed to master the classics of Plato, Virgil, Tacitus, and other great writers of antiquity (all without public education as well, one should add).

Yet despite the sea of information we live in, with the ability to learn almost anything with a Google search and a desire to learn, it seems that this generation is more concerned with celebrity gossip, television, video games, and just keeping themselves entertained.

Let’s hope that this trend will be turned around in time, lest we become like the Romans, who fell from grace as their people lost interest in everything except two things — “bread and circuses.”