JUST IN: Alt-Left Leader Issues Shocking Threat to Conservatives

Jordan Towers, a self-described “Alt-Left resistance leader” is calling for violence against an upcoming Patriot Prayer rally in San Francisco. The event is scheduled to take place on August 26th.

The patriot prayer rally is a nazi white supremacist event. I’ll be their [sic] to crush some nazi skulls,” Jordan wrote in a now deleted tweet, accompanied by a picture of a baseball bat filled with rusting nails. While calls for political violence are universally wrong, the aggression demonstrated by this Alt-Left leader is especially concerning since–in their terminology–anyone who wears a Make America Great Again hat is a Nazi.

Tweet from https://twitter.com/ibPrinceJordan

“Can’t wait! Going to bring this nailed bat for some Nazi pounding.” Jordan wrote in another post, with the same bat pictured. It was also deleted.

This violent reaction is in response to the Patriot Prayer rally which will be held this Saturday at Crissy Field, contained within the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. In a disgusting response, Jordan Towers is calling on protesters to bring fecal matter to the rally.

In a video mission statement posted to Facebook, Patriot Prayer founder Joey Gibson explains that his group is completely opposed to white supremacy. “I am not white, I am a person of color,” Gibson said, “so I do not believe in white supremacy… I believe in what’s on the inside.”

Joey Gibson describes his group, Patriot Prayer, as a First Amendment advocacy group. They hold rallies to protest limits placed on free expression. Earlier this year, Patriot Prayer held an event at Evergreen State College, near Seattle, to support a professor who was attacked after condemning a call for all white people to leave campus.

Gibson told Fox News reporters that this weekend’s event was rooted in “a philosophy about promoting love and peace but doing it in a way that’s respectful. It’s about building bridges.” Even the far-left Southern Poverty Law Center, (SPLC) which maintains a list of “hate groups,” does not consider Gibson an extremist or his organization a hate group.

The SPLC seal of approval, however, has not stopped violent Antifa protesters, like Jordan Towers, or even mainstream Democrats from accusing the group of supporting white supremacy. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) recently spoke out against the rally scheduled in her district. “The National Park Service’s decision to permit a white supremacist rally …raises grave and ongoing concerns about public safety,” Pelosi said.

However, Joey Gibson explains Pelosi and Alt-Left protestors are the only ones encouraging violence. “Nancy Pelosi said it was a white supremacist rally so she could bring out extremists on the right and the left,” explained Gibson. “She’s telling white supremacists to come into town.”

This is especially concerning, because by all accounts, Patriot Prayer is a moderate movement dedicated to free speech and building bridges. Yet the violent rhetoric of the Alt-Left justifies attacks against average conservatives.

Tara, a former left-wing protestor and Bernie Sanders supporter, claims that Patriot Prayer helped her see the light. Tara, who uses a false surname to remain anonymous, explained that she first learned of Patriot Prayer when she joined a protest against the supposedly neo-Nazi group. “As we marched past the police towards the rally, my group was yelling and cussing at the officers and at that exact moment,” she wrote. “I felt in my heart it was wrong.”

Tara explained that the Patriot Prayer “Speakers were preaching about love and peace, and my group wanted to rip them to shreds. I felt in my spirit that what the Antifa were doing by calling everyone to violence, was wrong.”

The Alt-Left continues to show disgusting and violent displays in response to patriotic movements supporting free speech and peace, among other American ideals. In their eyes, anyone on the Right is a Nazi so their vile actions are justified. This is nothing but divisive tactics that endanger the safety of all Americans. The country must continue to expose these people and unite in peace.