ALERT: Alt-Left Launches Sick Plot Against Pro-Trump Families, Please Pray

President Trump’s election has sparked an evolution in left-wing activism. Protesters, which operate in greater autonomy to the Democrat Party than previously seen, are increasingly organized and disruptive.

Now the activist Left is employing a new strategy to silence Republican congressmen and intimidate them into complying with the progressive agenda. According to Fox News, members of an Alt-Left group known as Indivisible are heckling at Republican town halls to keep politicians from holding them. Once they stop the town halls, Indivisible shows up in mobs at the congressmen’s offices and even houses as a scare/pressure tactic.

The latest congressman to be targeted by Indivisible is Representative Jason Lewis (R-MN). As seen on Facebook, 200 protesters recently showed up at his Minnesota home to protest. Lewis condemned the decision to hold a demonstration at his private residence where his wife and children could have been affected.

“Fortunately my family wasn’t home at the time,” Lewis said. “I ran for Congress, but my family didn’t run…so to bring them into it I think is not in keeping with the best of American tradition.”

Among the demands made by the Indivisible activists at Lewis’ residence was a call for more town hall meetings. Lewis, however, asserts that the reason he has ceased holding regular town halls is precisely because of Indivisible and other Alt-Left groups.

The Indivisible website features a protest guide for stopping the Trump agenda. According to the guide, Indivisible members should interrupt Republican town halls by repeatedly booing members of Congress and applauding the comments of hecklers.

Indivisible even instructs its members to refuse to give up the microphone after making their comments. As expected, congressmen become frustrated when town halls are transformed from meaningful dialogues to nothing more than activists provoking chaos.

Once a congressman stops holding town halls, Indivisible begins using that as an attack point, criticizing the Republican politician of trying to avoid being held “accountable.” Those who have found themselves targets of this method call it a “one-two punch.”

Lewis said: “This is a well-oiled, very much activist plan to disrupt the democratic process.” Indivisible is a national organization that operates through local chapters. Although it claims to be a “grassroots” group, Indivisible receives large amounts of funding from wealthy anonymous donors. As The Daily Caller reports, they even have ties to Hungarian activist billionaire George Soros.

The Indivisible website states that the organization is a “project” of the Advocacy Fund, which in turn receives money from Soros’ Open Society Policy Center. Additionally, USA Today reported in May that leaders of Indivisible met with the Soros-led Democracy Alliance to discuss receiving funding from its immense network of donors.

Angel Padilla, the secretary of Indivisible, works for the National Immigration Law Center, which The Washington Times reports is funded largely by George Soros. And two members of Indivisible’s board, Ezra Levin, and Leah Greenberg, are Soros associates. Greenberg is also associate director of the nonprofit, Corporation for Enterprise Development, and was formerly involved in the Soros-funded group, Humanity United.

While Indivisible says it does not encourage demonstrations at the homes of congressmen, it has not taken disciplinary actions against the local chapters who have done it. The activism of the Left is becoming more bold, with many potential ramifications for elections and legislation.