BREAKING: Lt. Col. Allen West Issues Urgent Warning to Americans – Please Beware

Democrats discuss how amazing Venezuela is and how we need to model our country after them. The socialist country just took a turn for the worse, and Democrats need to start paying attention.

According to Fox News, Venezuela officially fell to a dictatorship. Towards the end of July, Socialist “leader” Nicolas Maduro staged a fraudulent election that has many people concerned not just for the future of their country, but ours as well. Venezuelans are starving to death in the streets, Maduro is killing his political opposition and protesters, and things are getting extremely dark. 

Currently, all 545 seats of the “Constituent Assembly” are filled by people who have been selected by Maduro’s National Socialist Party. In other words, the Venezuelan people have lost complete control of their government.

The people chosen for this assembly can rewrite the constitution, expel members of the opposition, and consolidate all power to the executive branch. This is a toxic, dangerous situation and people are already losing their lives.

On the day of the election, Maduro’s security murdered 16 innocent people. Released videos show the National Guardsmen firing on unarmed groups of individuals for no reason. Teargas is getting dispersed in hospitals. The country is in chaos.

Allen West reported that 130 innocent people have been killed, 3,500 have been detained, and there are still 430 protesters imprisoned. These actions are possible in any society that progressively gives more control to the government.

Not only do the Democrats admire Venezuela, but they are also starting to show signs of wanting that kind of system here in the United States. Groups like Antifa violently assault supporters of President Trump.

The Left wants to do everything they can to stop Trump, including fabricating stories not based on facts or reality. They are pushing for the US to become a socialist country, saying “the 1 percent” are wealthy while they are not.

As West points out, the Left’s “Social Justice Warriors” are supposed to be there to defend people from evil governments. Where are they now? They have not defended the people of Venezuela from their evil government. If they truly fought against oppression, they should be all over this story.

People are mistreated and murdered by their own government, but the SJWs would rather worry about gender pronouns and manspreading – how far apart a man’s legs are spread on a bus.

Progressives are determined to move the United States toward Socialism. Do you believe the events in Venezuela are alerting people to the dangers of Socialism?

West stated in his piece, “What this demonstrates unequivocally is socialism is a failing economic system based on coercion, intimidation, and violence.” He is exactly right. The Venezuelan government took the guns away from its people, then took full control over them. Americans can’t allow that to happen here.

The citizens of Venezuela need prayers. Democrats should be monitored closely–their plan is not far off from what is happening in Venezuela. They cannot be allowed government control again; our country depends on it.