ALERT: Liberals Issue Horrifying Threat to Pro-Trump Congressman

When the mainstream media constantly peddles biased and negative stories about the current administration, it comes as no surprise that threats against Trump supporters are common in this nation.

An early morning town hall meeting hosted by U.S. Rep. Doug LaMalfa (R-CA), in the northern Californian town of Chico featured a disturbing and vile threat from the audience: “May you die in pain,” reported by the LA Times. It just demonstrates how horrifying liberals can be to those who do not subscribe to their ideology.

When Rep. LaMalfa held a town hall meeting on Monday where he expressed support for the House GOP plan to repeal Obamacare, he was met with a great deal of anger and indignation from the liberal audience.

One elderly constituent held a sign that read “Lackey for the Rich!” and went on to say that “I think that your vote to throw 22 million people off of health care is reprehensible and in the service of the rich. I hope you suffer the same painful fate as those millions that you have voted to remove health care from. May you die in pain,” reported NBC News.

The audience continued to jeer at the Congressman during the hour-long meeting. In addition to health care, LaMalfa met considerable scorn when he was asked about climate change and the poor air quality of Northern California.

“I don’t buy the idea that man-made activity is responsible,” LaMalfa said, a comment which left the crowd in stunned silence.

Ron Jones, one of LaMalfa’s supporters, said that conservatives often remain quietly in the background during these meetings, undoubtedly over concerns about getting themselves into trouble. “Most of the time people want to…complain,” said Jones after the event ended. “The people who support him sit quietly in the background.”

Unlike many of the Republican members of Congress from California, LaMalfa continues to hold town halls, although they are usually unpleasant experiences.

Another woman criticized LaMalfa for only inviting Christian pastors to provide invocations at his town halls, demanding him to include other religious leaders as well. He replied, “If you want to have your own town hall, you can invite whoever you like.”

Playing devil’s advocate, one might wonder where’s the harm in this? Undoubtedly, everyone has a right to their opinion whether they are pro-Trump or not. The issue isn’t so much that someone disagrees with the policies of the current president, it’s the sheer emotional intensity that is placed behind these remarks.

Some people genuinely think that Trump is a fascist, misogynistic, embodiment of evil who is destroying this country with his scandal-ridden administration. Even though this representation is completely false and without merit, some Americans–who perhaps aren’t able to discern the validity of these stories–end up believing them.

In that respect, the media is partly to blame for creating this culture where Trump supporters come under threat of violence. Whether they are threatened to be murdered, or actually shot at–such as in the case of James Hodgkinson, who shot US Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA)–misrepresentations about the true character of Trump and his supporters are contributing reasons behind these tragedies.