ALERT: CNN Caught Spreading Fake News About Congressional Baseball Game

In a new low for hyper-liberal CNN, we found out that even prayers are not safe from their relentless liberal messaging. They were caught trying to spread fake news about the prayer that happened before the start of the Congressional baseball game.

This game took on special meaning after the shooting occurred where Majority Whip Steve Scalise was shot and is still in critical condition after several surgeries to save his life.

In fact, they tried to say that it was just the Democrats that came together to pray for him, when it was clear to everyone that both sides, Republicans as well as Democrats, were praying for his full recovery.

They clearly stated on Twitter after they reported this fake news that the Democrats were the only ones who came together to pray. Here’s the original tweet, followed by the correction, as captured by Todd Starnes.

“Members of the Democratic team gather on the field for a prayer before the Congressional Baseball Game.”

This is a perfect example of why CNN is no longer “The most trusted name in news.” During the election, fair-minded people started calling them the “Clinton News Network,” and we can all see why.

After they falsely tweeted about it just being the Democrats praying for Scalise, they didn’t correct it, even after several people on Twitter told them they were wrong and pointed out that it was actually both sides who prayed.

Yes, even two different political parties can come together and hold hands to pray at a time like this.

What should have been a rare moment of bipartisan unity was instead twisted to push CNN’s radical leftist agenda.

This misinformation they are trying to get people to believe only furthers the stereotype about them–that they are the propaganda arm of the Democratic party, the Clinton News Network.

With incidents like this piling up, patriots and Christians everywhere are left to wonder: can CNN still be considered a news organization at all?

Although they tried to spread more lies, either way, let us all please pray for Majority Whip Steve Scalise who is still in critical condition. Let’s hope and pray that he pulls through this and comes out of it just fine!

Instead of them trying to make the Democrats look better by them saying that they were the only ones praying, they should have been more like other news outlets who got it right and kept Scalise in their prayers. But they seem to only want to make the Democrats look good and the Republicans look bad.