ALERT: Apple Shocks Media With Major Trump Announcement. People Are Stunned.

It’s hard to deny that President Trump has been successful in restarting the American economy. Many of the complaints against the president will fade away when angry Americans realize how much money they are making thanks to President Trump.

Apple CEO Tim Cook asked, “How can we get more people to do advanced manufacturing in the United States?” This was before announcing a plan to invest $1 billion into American manufacturing, according to the New York Times. Many major executives are asking this question as President Trump continues to create an environment that fosters unprecedented growth.

President Trump has made a major commitment to bringing manufacturing jobs back to the United States. According to the White House, the 2008 financial recession knocked out over 300,000 manufacturing jobs stateside — in addition to doubling the national debt, and bringing growth to a stand still.

President Trump is reversing this trend by reforming the tax code, ending job-killing regulation, and negotiating trade deals that are beneficial to American workers.

However, merely having a president committed to building the economy has launched a new faith in the economic power of America. The Dow Jones Industrial Average has been steadily rising since President Trump’s inauguration. Market Watch reports that the economic milestone reached another record high last Wednesday, as investors display extreme optimism for the future.

Investors are not the only group excited about the future of the American economy, and many multinational corporations have decided to invest in American jobs for the first time in decades.

Before being sworn into office, President Trump revealed stark differences between himself, and former President Obama. Obama told an employee of American furnace manufacturer, Carrier, that there was no hope to save his job. President Trump, on the other hand, was able to convince Carrier to retain more than half of the jobs they had planned to ship overseas.

Even international companies recognize the economy boom being spurred on by President Trump. Japanese company, SoftBank, has announced a plan to create 50,000 jobs in America through a $100 billion technology fund. Additionally, Indian company Infosys has promised to hire 10,000 American workers — reversing the trend of jobs being outsourced to India.

The economy will only continue to grow as President Trump continues to push his agenda. All Americans will be relieved by the upcoming tax reform that will reduce the tax rate for every category, while reducing the complexity of the tax code and eliminating unwieldy loopholes and exceptions.

President Trump has made great strides in making the American economy boom once again. Do you feel more optimistic about the economic health of our country?

More jobs will be created as President Trump continues to scale back the regulatory state that cost the American economy over $2 trillion in 2015 alone. President Trump has placed a moratorium on new regulations, and he has charged the Secretaries of every major department to target and eliminate job killing regulations.

Finally, President Trump plans to negotiate fairer trade deals. He plans to punish countries that engage in illegal or unfair trade practices.

The Democrats can continue to scream against President Trump. However, come the 2018 midterm elections, Democrats will be forced to answer why they fought against reinvigorating the world’s greatest economy.