ALERT: Al Sharpton Issues Nasty Demand to Americans

There is a fierce debate over whether or not Confederate statues should be removed, or at the very least, moved. Veteran race-baiter, Al Sharpton, recently voiced his opinion on what should be done with our nation’s Civil War monuments.

According to Independent Journal Review, not only does Sharpton think that Confederate statues need to to be removed, but he also believes that federal funding to the legendary Jefferson Memorial needs to stop as well. His reasoning is that he doesn’t think tax dollars should go towards supporting a statue of a slave owner. Sharpton’s stance is quite ironic, since he was recently under fire for tax evasion.

Sharpton made his announcement not long after President Trump asked during a press conference “Are we going to take down statues to George Washington? How about Thomas Jefferson?”

At the time of his comment, President Trump seemed to be asking (sarcastically) if we should erase all of history. The point was to show how insane the Democrat’s attempt to destroy history seemed.

Instead of seeing the point that the president was trying to make, Liberals saw it as a call to arms.  Sharpton explained his point of view further during an interview with Charlie Rose on PBS.

“People need to understand that people were enslaved,” Sharpton stated. It is almost as if he believes people deny slavery existed here, or deny that it continues to exist right now in some parts of the world.

As you would imagine, many people are frustrated with Sharpton’s point of view. What is most irritating to some people is his bold statement that tax dollars are used to keep the Jefferson Memorial in good shape, when he’s been accused of not paying taxes in the past.

The New York Times reported that he has a total of $4.5 million in unpaid taxes between federal and state balances owed. In fact, his for-profit group, the National Action Network, has been in business for years, and there are signs that not a single dollar of theirs went towards paying federal payroll taxes.

Despite not paying his taxes, Sharpton still traveled first class, received an impressive salary, and refused to pay travel agencies, hotels, and landlords. It seems odd that someone who never can be bothered to pay for things is worried about where our tax dollars are going.

Al Sharpton spoke out about Confederate statues and taxpayer money. Does he have any credibility?

After Al Sharpton’s statement, the internet bit back. One user tweeted, “Al Sharpton doesn’t pay his taxes but is concerned about the use of taxpayer dollars for public monuments. None of those dollars are his!”


Another user pointed out that, “Al Sharpton should pay his back taxes before he preaches on public funds.” Quite a valid point, yet the irony of the situation seems to escape Al Sharpton.

The lesson here is simple. You cannot erase history just because it makes you uncomfortable. Furthermore, if you are going to avoid paying taxes, you should not preach about how upset you are over where the tax dollars are going. What we see here is Liberal hypocrisy as it’s absolute finest.