After Toppling Confederate Statue, Liberals On The Run After Hearing Who’s Coming For Them

Only a truly delusion liberal can break the law in America, on video no less, and actually expect to avoid the consequences.

The Durham County Sheriff’s Department reminded leftists that the department has jurisdiction over the criminal act of the toppling of a Confederate memorial statue in Durham, North Carolina. Authorities said they will be looking to arrest those who brought it down. Those responsible could then face 10 years in prison, according to Breitbart.

Durham County Sheriff Mike Andrews released a statement acknowledging that his officers were present as the statue was being removed by protesters, but that they made no arrests at the time, preferring to focus on their larger goal of ensuring no citizens were hurt during the protest.

Instead, Sheriff Andrews had some officers record the event. The department is now identifying people in the recording and moving out to make arrests.

Sheriff Andrews’ department achieved their main priority of protecting the public from physical harm, as there were no deaths or major injuries at the event. However, the sheriff is not blind to other unsavory consequences of the protest, stating, “…the planned demonstration should serve as a sobering example of the price we all pay when civil disobedience is no longer civil.”

There is doubt that any of the leftist protesters were aware that destruction of government property, as outlined in the US Attorney’s Criminal Resource Manual, comes with a hefty maximum penalty of 10 years in jail.

The cultural cost of this crime may be higher. It signals that leftists may have little understanding of American history, and are unaware of the unifying effect of Confederate memorials such as this one.

The Confederate Soldiers Monument in Durham, dedicated in 1924, features a soldier holding a rifle. It was intended to pay respects to American veterans, as denoted by the inscription: “In Memory of the Boys Who Wore The Gray.” Despite giving their lives for the US to move forward, the Left does not appear interested in honoring the veterans.

The display of ripping down this Confederate statue seems to prove that the Left can’t–or won’t–hold dialogue with whom they disagree, nor can they accept nuanced and/or factually correct but contrary views of history. This may be the product of liberal, agendized educators. Regardless, their totalitarian attitudes and false-feelings of invulnerability will not protect them from the law.

The Durham County Sheriff’s Department says they will arrest those who toppled a Confederate memorial statue in Durham, North Carolina. Should these person(s) be criminally prosecuted?

Every leftist who pulled down the statue, kicked, or spit on it, will be found by the Sheriff’s department. The video evidence of their criminal actions is irrefutable. Not knowing it was government property won’t work as a defense–the law specifically excludes it.

Jail time will be sobering for these “activists,” but isn’t likely to change their misconceptions of Confederate soldiers. These young adults should be instructed to conduct research into the statue they so flippantly destroyed, and the life and thoughts of the Confederate soldiers whose memory they so denigrated.

After all, the only way to unify this country is to eliminate the liberal bias from American history and current affairs. The lies spun by the media and progressive educators have come to their natural conclusion. They must be stopped from escalating even further.